Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"House" Call

He called me during "House" and I didn't mind...too much. We talked for an hour, very flirty this time. I think it's progressing nicely.

Mostly music, family, relationships, etc.

One of my Match guys started getting weird on me, the douche from last week, you remember. Get this, he lived with his mother until last week. How do I keep attracting these guys. Seriously. So I told him we could only be friends and he seems OK with that (although his account ends soon and I am tempted to never email him again, is that evil?). Thank goodness I didn't tell him where I lived or give him my phone number. We could have had another stalker incident (story for another time).

PS - This is my 366th post. 365 plus a leap year and I have you all to thank. Without you, this blog would be no where. That doesn't mean you should stop commenting, which many of you have and I know my readership has gone up and down. But you core people make it all worthwhile. The rest of ya can bite me.


At 7:14 AM , Blogger MOM said...

Congrats on your goal of 365 plus one. I knew you could do it.

#10 sounds nice. MOM


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