Monday, July 02, 2007


Well, kiddies. It's July already and I am house-sitting once again:

Pro - Three really cute puppies (they just got a chihuahua who I so want to bring to work with me, he's such a purse/lap dog.

Con - Evil bird and no A/C. I cools down after sunset, but if you do any kind of physical activity (i.e. Sitting up), you want to die.

Mr. Amazing braved it with me last night though so it was fun. We played a game (he kicked my ass twice, but it was close) and had pizza and Martine (the cutest chihuahua ever!) sat on my lap the entire time, except when he jumped down to guard my feet, he's very protective of me.

And it was very cool this morning.

They wanted me to leave the pups outside all day in this heat but I just can't do it. I even moved all their crates downstairs so they could be cooler. I love my animals and cannot stand when people leave them outside in extreme conditions.


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