Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I went to a Harry Potter book club last night. I thought I was a fan...apparently, I was dead wrong. These women were on their second re-reads (i am only 215 pages in, I just moved, I have a job and a BF, sue me). They had Hogwarts engraved silverware. Thy probably named their children after characters. It was scary for about a minute. But it was fun to laugh and talk about the book with some real readers.

We even had cake for Harry, Neville and J.K. Rowling's birthday days.

I won a calendar and a puzzle in the raffle too. Dorks have the best prizes.

They need to get lives, but I won't hold that against them.


At 4:21 PM , Blogger Gus said...

Don't worry, you're definitely a fan!! the other people are pretty much obsessed with it!! I just finished chapter 4, totally didn't see that coming!!!!!


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