Thursday, August 02, 2007

They're Getting Very Lax Over There

I got my move out invoice in the mail today. I am getting my deposit back plus something called credits, 84 dollars worth.

Seriously, I destroyed that place. The carpet is torn up in a corner and by the bedroom door (thanks to a very codependent cat with abandonment anxiety issues). Parts of the carpet are stained (apple juice, though I attempted to clean this up, it took an entire bottle of carpet foam and I still didn’t get it all). The oven is only semi clean (I was so not going to wait around for 2 hours while that stuff set in, I had a movie to go to with Vieve).

But I should not get that money back. Happy I am (cause I’m po, can’t even afford the O and the R, PO!), but still don’t deserve it. The same thing happens in the dorm.

They tell you all these horror stories about what people have had to pay for putting some kind of hole in the wall (monumental fees and a lashing were involved). So you buy the putty adhesive and pull down sticky hooks and you go about your merry way (I am convinced the schools have a deal with 3M or Duck so that they have a monopoly on dorm room adhesives. Evil huh?). And when it comes time to move you out, the RAs look around, make sure you aren’t hiding a dead body under you standard extra long dorm bed, pronounce you good to go and you go home for summer break and the menial job that entails.

I kind of expected more from the apartment complex. But I am sure they have seen worse. Hell, I’ve read about worse in our property files. Garbage everywhere, bugs, feces on the walls. Terrible.


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