Friday, June 20, 2008

I was reading an article online yesterday and it was later reported on in the news that night. They both talked about a group of 15 year olds on the East coast who made a pact with each other to get pregnant no matter what or how (one is supposedly knocked up by a 24 year old homeless man) and raise their children together.


Motherhood is not glamorous girls. It is 3 am feedings and never going out again because you have a child. It is not having a normal teenage life ever. It's their childhood and that of these children they are having that they are destroying. It is working for minimum wage for the rest of your life because you had to drop out when being a parent became too much of a conflict with school. School should have been your only focus for the next 7 years anyway. That and passing notes to boys in class. Innocent stuff like that.

Who is to blame for this phenomenon of young parents? Their parents for not instilling in them a stronger sense of self and self-respect? Their peer group for thinking this is cool? The media for glamorizing teenage mothers (ala Jamie Spears)? I don’t know. I am just glad my parents gave me the knowledge and tools to go through life not making-stupid-ass decisions. I got the talk from Mom (with a medical book, for the anatomy side) at 10. Then I got it in 5th grade with the rest of the kids. Then middle school (along with self defense), then high school and finally college. I know what happens when you make stupid decisions. I have seen THE SLIDES. And I have stupid cousins.

I am calling on all parents to give their children a better grasp of the world out there. It is a tough one filled with unemployment, welfare, rising health insurance, food and housing costs, limited job possibilities for the undereducated, absent fathers (not mine, he’s great, still married and living with mom) and the stress and pain of raising a child. A living being that will depend on you for everything. Think before you make decisions like this, it’s not like the movies, babies don’t just pop out and raise themselves and you certainly can’t afford a nanny.

These kids obviously do not have the mental capability to raise a child. Thus starteth the vicious cycle.


At 9:57 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard there was no truth to this rumor. I heard it on the news last night. You made some good points. Raising children is a lifelong committment though challenging and rewarding, it never ends. The worry lines alone make you stop to pause. MOM


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