Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Maturity Level of Some People Just Astounds Me

The LLS and the LLSP broke up a while ago. Since LLS has a new girlfriend (and is at her house every night), LLSP still lives here. That being said, I am in the thick of their ever constant fighting, squabbling, bitching and ranting.

I hate conflict anyway so living like this is pure hell. Also, they each feel the need to bitch to me. I get conflicting stories, I hear them fight. I hate it.

Today I am told that as some sick form of punishment, LLSP is taking all of their co-owned cats instead of just 2 of the 4. She is also reclaiming everything that she ever gave LLS. This woman is nearly 40 and this is how she acts. Lovely huh?

No wonder they didn't work out, they are both idiots.


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