Friday, July 10, 2009

Pridefest Blog

Dogs in purses/strollers: Most of the dogs at Pride were in purse-like carriers or in strollers. Yes, people, strollers. I am all for caring about your pet, but isn’t that just a little excessive?

All the cute boys are gay! This has become part of my mantra…I think he’s cute, he must be taken or gay. As true in life as it is at Pride.

Super cute a sweet old gay dudes: I love old gay men; they are so sweet and have usually been with their partners since the 70’s. Yet another reason for equality in marriage rights.

All leather all the time: It was nearly 100 degrees at Pride this year. The leather daddies could not have been comfortable.

The proper use of bikini tops and spandex: Like I said, it was hot, I, myself was wearing shorts and a very low cut tank (I was so cute!). Many people were dressed similarly, but there is only so much spandex one can look at. If you have the body for it, show it off, wear those short shorts (or just underwear, I don’t mind) for all they are worth. If you do not have the body for it and your bikini top is still working hard down by your waistline, it’s time to put a shirt on it and don’t make us look at it. Same goes for full shirts that still do not cover what’s hanging over your pants.

Camera wielding perverts: Imagine a yeti in a Hawaiian shirt, wielding a camera, stealthily (O caught him several times, but I am a trained people watcher) taking pictures of the gay men’s chorus. He made several swipes, walking by, snap snap snap, walk away, come back, snap snap snap Not of their faces or hot shirtlessness, but of their feet. I am convinced he needed material for his spank bank.

Mullet-Tastic: People, the mullet was never cool. Even in 1987. You are just playing into a stereotype and it’s just not pretty. Chop it off. There are so many mose follicular options.

Underwear/ Stickers only fashion statements: I loved this girl. She was walking about in shorts and “equal rights” stickers over her upper naughty bits and it was fabulous.

Who you trying to kid? Bikinis and high heels to Pride, really? Again, really? This ain’t no car show. Put a skirt on at least.


At 7:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked the word follicular. MOM


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