Saturday, December 30, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I am finally home after 8 days and it feels so good. I am currently unpacking something I never do this soon after a trip. It was snowing yesterday, now it's sunny and warmish which means the snow is melting and I can go out for New Year, even if that means just going to Jo's. Which would be fun.

Pudge remembered me when I came home, we had a good snuggle.

So let me delve into the pregnancy of the Youngest for a mo.

I am shopping at Target with the LLS. We are in the music/movie section and she asks if I've heard anything new about the Youngest. I said no and she makes the pregnancy sign over her belly. I about fall over in the cart holding a Michael Buble CD. Good Lord, it was devastating. I am going on and on and at the check out, she says she's kidding. It was a joke she thought of on the plane, in between fits of vomiting (she caught something her GF has). I am going on and on after this, saying how cruel and obnoxious she is. We plan to get Katie with the same joke.

We get home and I go upstairs to watch TV. Katie comes in a bit later and tells me she's pregnant. Still a joke right? NO! She's pregnant, she's just told mom and dad. I am thinking they are still pulling my leg. Nope. Mom and dad looked shocked and horrified. It slowly sinks in...she's pregnant. I call her the stupidest girl on earth, she's getting upset. I continue on a tirade about how stupid she is, how she needs an abortion, that mom and dad need to talk some sense into her...blah, blah, blah. Dad and the LLS try to talk to me. I am having none of it. I am on the verge of angry/sad tears so I go upstairs. Youngest and LLS follow me giving me this bullshit about how great this is.

The next morning, I wake up to the thought that I am going to be an aunt, imagining introducing people to my niece (I am convinced it will be a girl). I am dealing with it.

Like dad says, "It's not ideal, but it's the situation we are in."

And no, I am not jealous that she is having a baby before me, I am not petty or stupid. I just wanted so many things for her. I'm a big sister, it's what I do.


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