Friday, July 06, 2007

A Week in Review

Puppy duty is now over. I slept in my own bed last night, sandwiched between a bed hogging cat and an large blonde man. Not the worst place in the world to be, let me tell you.

Cocoa is in love with Mr. Amazing. She sees him and immediately goes into belly rub mode, if he sits on the couch, she crawls up and lays on his chest. It's all very sweet.

Party tonight to celebrate Wes's birthday. Must buy vodka. I don't drink it but he loves it so that's his gift, expensive inebriation.

Baby shower, sisters, aunt and cousin visits this weekend and next week. Ah, family time. Someone, anyone, call me this weekend with some sort of friend emergency so I can escape for a few hours. PLEASE!

If anything, Mr A can save me right?


At 8:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one can save you. You are part of the family. It will be fun.


At 11:27 PM , Blogger HelloBettyLou said...

Nice, I'm unsaveable. Sweet


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