Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pool Party

I shot the best games of pool last night. We had tickets for the comedy club, but they over sold and not ones to throw in the towel on a perfectly good, albeit rainy Wednesday, we found another place to hang out in and have fun. We went to a local bar that makes their own beer and root beer and played pool. We rotated the teams through 4 games. I shot so well...Dude, it was amazing.

First it was me and Beth (girl from the boy's pool league, very cool chick) against the boys and we lost that game, but only in the end. Then it was me and MA, against Beth and Jamie (MA's heterosexual life mate). Then it was Jamie and me against Beth and MA, then back to me and Beth. At one point I sunk three in a row. In the final game, I sunk our last ball and then went for the 8, WHICH I CALLED, SANK AND CURVED THE CUE TO THE LEFT (I have a tendency to sink the cue on 8 ball shots) . You should have seen the look on MA's face, priceless. A lovely combination of shock and awe. It was fabulous. It was very much fun.

Tonight I am going to see a friend's band. It's been a busy week and I like that.


At 10:24 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your talents seem to have no bounds! Continue blessing the world with them.



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