Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Day That Will Leave in Infamy

Let me tell you about my Friday morning

My dog was put down. He is now in doggy heaven (all dogs go to heaven you know, screw the church's ideology on the subject) with Daisy and Swat, running through fields of puppy chow and squirrels. Max loved squirrels.

Blew a tire on the highway several miles from home.

My phone died, even though I had full power 2 days ago.

I started walking down the highway, looking for a pay phone.

I hitched a ride with Al and Terri, a nice couple who took me to their office and let me use the phone (there were other people in the office, they didn't kidnap me and turn me into their sex slave, hey, it's happened!)

I had to take a cab to work.

My dad had to come a pick me up and spent a few hours with me and the tire guys. Many thanks to dear dad, always there for me. They didn't have the tires I need. My car is relatively low and wide and needs a certain kind of tire, which apparently all the tire places I've been to in the past couple of years didn't understand, because I have 2-3 different types of tires on my car.

So I need to go back today and get the spare off and 4 new tires put on. I am due and I need to get them before winter.

This was a very stressful day, plus I did the safety presentation at work.I spoke about sun safety. Go Melanoma!

In the relative scheme of life, this was far from my worst day, but it was stress sweat inducing.


At 12:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, there have been worse days in your life. I think you handled this one with poise and grace. Probably the worse came when you got the bill for your tires of "gold."

We are at
peace with our decision to let Max go. He had to be helped into the car and cried when he got out (in pain) He happily pranced into the vet's office and licked our tears away as we said what a good dog he really is. He willingly followed the vet tech to the other room as your dad and I cried like a baby. His tail was wagging and telling the story of what a happy life he had with our family. His tail always told a good story.


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