Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Born in the Wrong Time

I did some basic reception work today. The company was very friendly and the AC wasn't up too high so it was an enjoyable experience. I did some copying, sorting, bundling and phone work. I love transferring phone calls. It makes me feel like one of those old fashioned telephone operators. But instead of getting to listen in on other people's conversations and talking to Flo in the next seat, I am encouraged to read PEOPLE and JANE. It was also a good day because one of the managers asked for my resume. I networked! He liked how quickly I could pick up new things.

Also I am up for a few other long tern temp jobs and that one with PIE. So things are looking up, job-wise.

PS - Fidget brought me the most beautiful tulips tonight, and chocolates. They are so pretty.


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