Monday, September 18, 2006

This week in the news

Life Update:

Fidget met the parents (I know, big right? Yeah, not so much), they love him. Mom actually asked "what's wrong with him that he is so perfect and not taken?" Nothing yet, but it's only been 2 weeks and I am enjoying the happy.

Found a good one I guess.

And apparently I am only the second girl that he has brought home that his parents have actually liked. So whoohoo for me.

The people at PIE are trying to torture me. I called today to see if they had made a decision about the job I interviewed for. They won't know until Thursday! Come on now. I need to know. Torture I tell you, torture.

I figure since 3 things in my life are going so well (Fidget, family, health) that work will soon fall into place. I also have a prayer network working on it. Mom has made a deal with god (she won't tell me what kind) that I get this job. Grandma is praying so hard that mom can feel it, it's freaky. So you see, it's not just torture for me, they are torturing members of my family and that just won't do.

Had a cake and bitch with Gen, Mel and Jackie on Sunday. Currently setting up a double date with me, Fidget, Gen and Brian. So hopefully that will work out.

Also, we learned that boys are stupid (not mine) and should be thrown at one another (catapult style).


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