Monday, September 04, 2006

They Call Me The Shark

I went over to M & D's house last night for dinner and shopping (I needed new sheets and I had gift cards to their mall). My sheets are very pretty. Anyway, we had dinner, K came down with her BF. He is a very sweet boy, and he made good with the family by playing Trivial Pursuit with us (the family game).

After being trounced by K and Dad (again, it's so sad). I went off to play pool with Daria and some of her volleyball friends. I have sporty friends, who knows why they hang out with me. Anyway, I had a blast. I teamed up with Bo (mostly because he has his own cue and he asked me to be his teammate). He is very sweet. We spanked D and her teammate Bryan. Spanked! We lost the first game but once we got into the groove and the alcohol, we started cleaning up.

We were pretty wired after that so at 2am we went for a walk on the trail. Bo and I talked the entire time. And then when we got back, he stayed when D and Bry left and we watched a movie with me til 4:30am.

We exchanged vitals and have tentative plans to see each other again.

Bonus Feature: He listens when I talk and didn't try to go after my feet.


At 7:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for the advice one more time! I'm back home, rested, better, even got my voice back. Oh, and I didn't come back empty-handed either. So, this week I plan on catching up for a day; and then the goal is going to be "Help bettylou find some work that she enjoys." How about I take you to dinner on either Wed. or Fri. night?


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