Sunday, September 03, 2006

Tools of the Trade

YSR has gone international! I have a reader from across the pond and that rocks.

So I was at the bar last night. And OFJ and I were reveling in the first real day of fall when this tool came up to us. Now, here is where I impart my many years of dating experience onto the masses: If you make the decision to come up to a table of women, have something to say. "I'm not a talker" is not an excuse for dullness. My god, he was boring. He kept trying to impress us with tales of international intrigue that he had supposedly been a part of. He was full of bullshit.

He actually had the gall to say he came over to talk to J, but settled for me. Who does that? Like a said, he was a tool.

And he was way too old for us. I can handle 30, but 35...not so much.

But J got to talk to the cute bartender she had been eyeing all night and I got to crash on her couch.

The joy that is the singles scene in The Middle.


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