Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy 200th Post

Happy 200th Post BettyLou! You Rock Socks!!

I am sure that is what you are all thinking. Yes, I know you all love me so I will graciously accept your praises.

So, several things to go over. Let's get started, shall we?

I saw The Holiday with Miss D on Monday. OMG, so sweet. I needed the fluff and happy. Jude Law is too beautiful for this world (it's the eyes and the smile). And I want an Arthur Abbot in my life. Yes, I know he was played by Eli Wallach of "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" fame. but I haven't seen it so I will continue to see him only as a sweet old man. I need one of those too.

I am going to take a cue from the movie and be a stronger woman.

Damn Canadians! Sending their icy fronts our way, making things all difficult. It's getting nasty again. I need a trip to the coast. I have family and friends out there, they'd put me up for a few days.

In honor of my new year, new me resolution, I have decided to take better care of myself. I have been eating crapily for the past year. So I am going to eat better, maybe exercise...not diet. They are annoying and I have no will power. People who diet are annoying anyway. They count things and question their choices. I am just going to watch my sodium, caloric intake and say no to red meat, soda and yes, alcohol. Besides, I am annoying on my own, why add more things onto it.

I am also going to read more, uplifting, funny books. Maybe some Dorothy Parker. She's quotable. I will seem wittier than I already am. If that's possible. ;)

Jo and I are going to start stepping out, meeting new people. This may cut into my pathetic couch time, but I am willing to sacrifice for a friend.

Being my snarky self, I must ask what my company's lawyer does all day, because from where I sit, which is right outside his office, he just talks to all the committees he's on, his wife, goes on 2 hours lunches and skis. Maybe 30 minutes of lawyering is squeezed in there...maybe...big maybe.

My cat is currently stalking a throw pillow. I must be off. Night kids.

PS - You know you haven't done your dishes in a while when you run out of forks.

PPS - Steve Wynn's a moron. It's his own damn fault.


At 9:19 PM , Blogger Michael Songero said...

Congratulations! If you don't mind, maybe your 201st post can give some sage like advice to the new bloggers out there. I've got to be honest, thus far it seems much more random than what I'm used to. But again, congratulations!


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