Friday, March 23, 2007

Dating & Waiting, Or Sex in the Mid-West City

I have never actually dated. Yes, I have gone out on dates and they always (always) morph into relationships very soon after. I don't date, let alone practice the art of dating. So the past month of my life has been a new experience for me.

With the jump into relationships, there is minimal waiting when it comes to sex and all it comes with. Ohh, she said sex. That slut! No, not so much. I am relatively chaste compared to most of the people I know. But not chaste, that's boring. I've said this before.

With dating, there is waiting. At least in my new found experience. I don't know what they are doing when they go home, but I wash my face, get into bed, read and sleep. They could be going out again, on the prowl for some comely piece of flesh to bed for the night. Who knows.

I was informed last night that the last time I had sex was in January. I think it was really December. Which would mean I haven't had sex since last year! And that is sad.

I am usually OK with this. I am like a camel wandering the desert, I can last a while until I find an oasis. But thinking about the last time (which was bad) and when it was (a long time ago), makes me miss it.

When dating, what is the appropriate time to wait until you make the move toward the bedroom, or car, or dressing room, or elevator?


At 9:37 AM , Blogger Merlicious said...

Whenever it feels right for you. Only you can judge when it's time to do the deed. AS ALWAYS: USE A CONDOM. Single people who have unprotected sex either have a death or a baby wish. You don't want either, let alone both.

At 11:47 AM , Blogger HelloBettyLou said...

Please, my motto is "use a condom."


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