Thursday, March 22, 2007

Woman....Whoa - Man!

I was talking to Vieve last night and we were deconstructing my recent dates and why men rarely make the first move anymore. She says it's because they are intimidated by strong, smart women. This claim is backed up by one of her male friends. I don't know. Women can be scary, yes, and intimidating, but that shouldn't stop you (men) from following your instincts and laying one on us.

I made the first move on B#5 (thenceforth known as GC). He kissed me on the cheek, as per usual. This being our third date, if something didn't happen now, we would transition right into the Friend-Zone and I am having none of that. I am paying good money to meet these men, I am getting my money's worth.

We talked for a bit more and he was about to leave when I motioned for him to come closer and I kissed him. He kissed back and it was good. But why didn't he kiss me first. My breath was good, nothing was in my teeth, I'm super cute (I use a little too much gel, but I am working on that). Could he have been intimidated by me. Scared of a small woman with a penchant for saying really inappropriate things and a love of now-cancelled SciFi shows?


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