Thursday, May 10, 2007

Customer Service

Home Depot is staffed by...many, many mean words.

I went in there this week to check the status of a few credit card applications for some of my company's properties. I go to the service desk and ask for help with just that and the woman behind the counter gives me a phone number. It's a little odd because it's a local number, but I am in a hurry, it's hot and I hate the smell in Home Depot, all pesticidey and whatnot. Today I finally have a chance to call the number and get everything straightened out and the number is for the store I WAS FUCKING IN ON MONDAY. Seriously? YES! So that means, since we need the cards now, I have to go back to the store and apply for the cards there and hopefully I won't be helped by the woman who I talked to on Monday.

I used to work in Customer Service, I was helpful, she just didn't want to help.

And then I went down there again today and Keenon, Great God of the Depot, helped me and is getting my cards to me today. Hooray.


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