Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oh Boy, It's Tuesday

Hey kids, I'm back. So, the BF sit-e-ation has improved. He apologized for being a world class jerk. My mom thinks he is just showing his true nature, but we talked about it and I don't think that is the case, although that ugly little thought pops into my head every now and again, thanks mom. NO, he was stressed about some stuff. And he did make it up to me, he went on a hike (the boy don't hike). Phase 1 is complete. Groveling will commence soon.

Movie Review of the Week, or Month Rather Cause it's Been Awhile:

Blade Trinity: Fun, funny, great special effects, cool weapons, an overall enjoyable experience. Except, and there is always an except, Dominic Purcell, cutie though he is, tried to affect this demonic sounding voice (or he was going for a new register, or just hadn't gotten the hang on an American accent yet, he was raised in Australia, you know). It was silly and bad, but thankfully his character didn't talk much so it was kinda ok. Ryan Reynolds played his usual smartass. It was super

The Black Dahlia: Beautiful, yet so pointless. The film is visually stunning. But the characters are underdeveloped if at all, the story is convoluted and stupid (most of the actions and scenes seemed out of place) and any emotion displayed by the actors is completely without context or meaning. I want Scarlett Johansson's hair (her's was the only decently played character), but still utterly pointless. De Palma goes up there with Kubrick on the list of directors I can't stand on principle.


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