Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Strange Little Family

When someone can't be at your house for the holidays, normally, you think of them, wish they were there and get on with your day. With my family, when someone (the LLS) can't be home for Thanksgiving, we set a place for her and put a picture of her on a chair. "We aren't as strange as you think we are," quoth dad to the BF at dinner. Um, yes we are. Last year, we (I, actually) made a life size LLS dummy and set it up at the table. We just wish she was there. This is our way of showing this and that we love her.

The BF came over for a preliminary Thanksgiving with us. We were then going to go to his parent's house for a second dinner with his family. Somehow the times were mixed up, no one is to blame, although I think his mom blames me a little bit. Still a good holiday though.


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