Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sunglasses at Night

It’s a scary thought when you realize that you sleep walked one night. I think I remember getting up and refilling my water bottle and putting it on my nightstand; but it wasn’t there this morning. It was, however, on the table in my entry.

Freaky, huh?

My mom, the most un-techo savvy person alive, except maybe a 9 year old in Gambia, has her own blog. The LLS thinks she’s where I get my humor from. I am so proud of the Mom. She’s trying to jump those techno hurdles. You can read it too: I am painted in a very flattering light, you should take a look.

I talked t my boss’s son on the phone the other day. He’s a smacker. I hate smackers. They’re boorish and disgusting. Why put something in your mouth right before you dial the phone? I saw this guy at the pool hall (the one where the BF and I met, aww), he was revolting. Smacking…mouth open while he chewed. Was he not taught any semblance of manners? I tried staring him down thinking he’ll notice and stop, but no. Completely oblivious. No wonder he continues to be a pig.

I made two trips to buy ink today for one of my co-workers. She’s doing some once yearly report thingy. My question is, why can’t she use the printer/scanner/copier/fax in the back. It’s faster, and way less of a hassle for me.

I have spent the last few days organizing the invitees for the office holiday party, which is coming along swimmingly. The fact that no ones contact lists are universal and my boss has the worst handwriting on earth made it a bit of a task, but I got it done. Be proud.

Should be a fun time though. The only ones there will be people who are two to three times my age, talking about property law and banking. And I get to stay the entire time, help out and probably help clean up after our 223 invitees. Oh, yeah, should be a hoot.

Oh, and can you believe Rumsfeld resigned? He must have seen how the House and the Senate were now Dem controlled and felt his power slipping. Or he realized he was a moron for invading a country with no plan whatsoever. He must have good friends who are willing to stab him in the front (it's Oscar Wilde, read something will you), let him take the fall for all of Bush's mistakes and whatnot. You decide.


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