Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Harsh Bitch That is Reality

I can't move. I can't afford the 1200+ get out of lease not so free fee and who the fuck would sublet in the suburbs? No one, that's who. So I am going to wait it out. Dude, that bites. I found the sweetest condo downtown (I could afford it too) and now some asshole is probably going to get and destroy it. Argh!

But, staying here will give me the chance to save up and buy a house next year so there is a silver lining.

A group of us went up north to the corn maze just out side my college town, GO BEARS! Super fun, I spent most of it defending the fact that yes, the area smells (there is a rendering plant nearby) but it's a fun place to be and you get used to the smell.

Tip: In Phase One of the maze, head towards the light...Go under the bridge and make your way toward the flag, you'll be out in an hour. And alcohol helps. Like it does in every situation.

It was so much fun, we made great time going up there, everyone was in a great mood and corn can be worked into any joke, sexual or otherwise. It was great, but exhausting. When we got home, I could barely muster a sexy goodbye comment or a kiss for the BF. That means I was "I could die now" beat. I got home, showered and crashed.

Tonight I am carving pumpkins with the crew. I downloaded my designs (mom used to pay for the kits, I love the internet) and bought my gourds. I am ready.

PS - I shot corn!! (Air gun, dried corn on the cob, super fun) I got some great air.


At 3:14 PM , Blogger chinchilla said...

I think the smell is part of the charm!

At 6:34 PM , Anonymous Betty said...

So you see my point!


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