Monday, October 16, 2006

Elvis! And Other Random Thoughts

I saw Elvis driving a Caddie on my way to work this morning.

The BF is a pill.

I hate Monday, it is a evil day and deserves a reckoning.

There is nothing scarier than a clown as shown by my carved pumpkin, who is sitting happily on Daria's porch. I am porchless and live near hooligans, so for safety reasons, it is sitting in the heart of the city, chillin'.

In regards to the above statement, let me reiterate...I hate clowns. They are weird and freaky and... weird. At the haunted house at the maze on Friday, the last make you jump thing was a guy in a clown mask, who I saw as I walked in. I saw him first and only jumped and screamed when he fake lunged. I hate clowns. And I am lame for jumping after the fact.

I am planning my birthday party!! Yea I am getting older! I have to "explore" some bars this weekend. The sucky thing is that my B-Day always falls on or around a major holiday so festivities must be postponed or scheduled early. They are going to be postponed this year.


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