Monday, March 26, 2007

Turkey Pot Pie

Being of the incredibly poor persuasion, I cannot buy lunch everyday, unlike my bosses, who just stepped out for lunch. I was at the grocery store yesterday (yes, I got up early and ran errands and groceried). I haven't been actually cooking my dinners for the last 2 weeks and reheating was getting old so I ventured out into the beautiful day and bought food.

I found an incredible deal on pot pies and I bought a ton and they will be used for lunches at work.

I also bought many things for dinner, chicken, potatoes, corn, bread. I have been eating quite crappily lately and I need to get back to healthier living standards. It was chicken and garlic bread last night. Tonight will be something involving a potato and tomato.

Also I got a jump start on Easter and washed my sheets in new detergent. They don't have anything to do with each other but I thought you should know that Easter is taken care of and I am sleeping on clean sheets.

Hey, the cat seemed impressed.

Also, I am wearing open toed shoes and I should really paint my toes. They look pale and naked.


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