Friday, May 11, 2007

Sneaky Buggers

My Parents: Naughty

My Sister Who Cannot Keep a Secret: Can keep one.

I went to dinner at the parent's house in the thought that my grandparents would be there. They were not but we were promised a mystery guest later that night. Youngest and I made predictions, all were shot down.

Well, guess whose at airport pick up at 9pm? The LLS! She who cannot keep a secret (we thought she wasn't coming to the graduation, oh, Youngest is graduating from college on Saturday) kept one and for three weeks at that.

Also, I saw the ultrasound of Nephew and he has, from what I can make out, all the bones in his left arm, a knee cap, two cheeks, a nose, a head and a penis. He is healthy and perfect and right on schedule. Also, Youngest is huge and her boobs are massive.

I still can't get over the fact that LLS kept this to herself. I talked to her on Wednesday! This has never happened before, she always cracks and leaks something.


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