Wednesday, December 13, 2006


As you know, I have a thing for appliances. I have written about it, I am sure. And I love it when they just magically appear when I get back into town, as is always the case. I just got a new microwave, because mine was not microing or waving and no one likes a stubborn box.

So I requested a new one. The guy came out, I assume, all I got was a note. They tested it, it was in fact, broken.

...I am convinced my apartment is rejecting me because it knows I want to move. It should know that I love it. It's just really far from everything and the rent is getting to be too much.

And when I got back the mountains, there it was, all nice and shiny. Now I just need the stove to break and all my appliances will match.

I also need to unpack, but that is after drinks with Jo.


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