Wednesday, December 13, 2006

E! True House Story

If you are an avid House watcher as I am (people call me , me! to see what's going on when they miss something), you know that Greg is being harassed by this asshole cop. Well every asshole has a reason for being, so I am giving this guy a story. Sit down boys and girls and listen closely.

Detective Tritter wasn't always this way. Like most mean people he was once nice and good, but certain events beyond his control pushed him into the Kingdom of Asshole.

He was once a regular guy, held a regular job (not a cop) and was in love with a lovely girl named Emily, because they are always named Emily. And one day, Emily announced they were going to add to their little family, she was pregnant. Tritter couldn't have been happier, he loved Emily and wanted a child with her to love and raise.

But complications arose. Something was wrong. They went to the hospital where Emily was seen by a physician who didn't seem quite right. Tritter was suspicious and asked for another doctor but none were available. Confusion and complications ensued and Emily and the baby died. Tritter then learned that the physician had a history of drug abuse and was high when he was treating Emily and the baby, which made him give them the wrong dose of medication that killed them.

At this point, Tritter decides to do something exceptional with his life and to do this joins the force to help stop these types of medical personnel in order to save future Emilies and their babies.

He has informants everywhere and one day he hears of a doctor who pops pills while treating patients. Tritter thinks who does this guy think he is, brazenly flaunting this behavior. He studies him for some time, quietly building a case in his head. He knows who to lean on, how to push button and get his way.

So he goes to see this doctor and his pill popping ways and once there and seeing the behavior, memories of his beloved and their child flood back and he decides this is his final mission (because, you see, he has some kind of rare disease that no one can treat or diagnose, something only House could treat, can we say irony). He must put House away or at least somewhere he can't kill any Emilies.

Until January 9, my lovelies when House returns, we shall see. Wouldn't it be cool if I'm right though?


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