Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday Night

Great episode of House tonight people. Really witty and sad and just well, House-y. I wanted to make a point of this post being a happy post. Because as you may not have noticed (I've been a poop lately), I really am happy. Christmas is on the way, as is Hanukkah for my Jewish reader (and a half if you count the LLS who recently announced her plans to convert to the oldest monotheistic religion in the world). Digressing...

Christmas, a time for family, I am the official junior supply getter, under Dad, if Mom forgets something. The LLS will be in town, for a short while, but she will be here :). I miss her, I called her tonight and she was sleeping, at 8pm. Should I worry?

We will carry on our tradition of sleeping in the same room on Christmas eve and wake up too early at the Youngest's pleadings, or the LLS's who ever gets up first, probably Youngest.

This also means Mom and Dad's annual holiday bash, which I now understand is way too much work as I planned the office party and got the bill today. It was over 2K!! But it was a great party, we are still eating the food. I did, however, throw out the cheese today.

The rental's party is always fun. Everyone brings food and liquor and we laugh and sing (if we get too soused), see how big the kids have gotten since last year (there are always children there, not mine, I have none) and waddle home at the end of the night as most of the guests are M & D's neighbors.

I can't wait!!

Oh, and my wrapping is done. Just a few items to bake and the holidays are done. I will miss the songs most of all.


At 2:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so with it. One thing about living a fun and exciting city like SF is that you are always moving and doing--and unfortunately, this means that I have not had time for getting the things I need for your gifts. And I went to bed at 8 pm yeaterday because work has been really crazy busy and I was tired.


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