Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Lists

OK, kiddies. I just got back from the mountains and while I am very relaxed, I am also very tired and we have a lot to go through, so bear with me.

THE UNIVERSE HATES ME - The universe hates me...sometimes. As I just said, I went to the mountains and I really wanted to get lots of high altitude lovin', but due to certain events beyond my control, this could only be accomplished with difficulty. But it was accomplished. So I stuck it to the universe, but good, ha ha.

TWINKLE- I love Christmas lights, love them. They encompass all that I love about the season. They mean light and love and happy. And I love the happy. Oh, and trees, I love the smell of Christmas trees. Delicious. They all make me amazingly happy. Oh and "Snoopy's Christmas," a song by The Journeymen chokes me up, especially when the Red Baron says "Merry Chiristmas, mein friend." I don't know why but it does. And I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

RSVP TROUBLE - I was in charge of the company holiday party sent out the invitations via email. There were so many invitees (230) that it was just easier this way. I set an RSVP date, thinking people, if given a deadline, would adhere to it. Boy, was I wrong. We had few replies by the deadline so I sent out a reminder with a new one. And still people were RSPVing after the second deadline, right up to the day before the party. These are professionals, they should have some respect, at least for my boss, the official host.

SPANK IT! - I got a very interesting voice mail the other day at work. The little red light was blinking when I came into work this past Tuesday and I pressed the requisite buttons to hear the message and I got the following: "Ooooh, you are such a bad boy. I usually don't spank, but I may have to start spanking you, would you like that, do you want me to spank you..." It went on, but I couldn't listen to it anymore. Considering this was on my company V-M system with our name in the prompt message, this chick must have been pretty worked up in order to leave this on a mis-dialed machine. Fun huh?

SEX IT UP - The BF thinks I'm sexy. No one have ever told me that.


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