Sunday, May 13, 2007


So, Youngest has graduated. Well, she had the ceremony, but she is not officially out of school. She has one more class to take and then she will be done. That's what you get or getting a C- in photography. It was a lovely ceremony, long, but lovely. Youngest was in the first row to be called so we had to wait through everyone else to get done.

OK, what is the deal with the air horns? They are rude, immature and it's not like they can't hear you from the stands. I could hear every cheer group and I am partially deaf in my left ear (from all that loud music dad warned me about). Seriously, get a clue.

We all had dinner together before hand with our grandparents and Baby Daddy's parents, who are super nice and sweet.

We had much time to kill after that so we went to Baby Daddy's house and lounged.

Then it was off to the ceremony and the many hours of names to be read and at midnight we arrived home after trying to find a bathroom that was open in the whole of Northern Middle.

Also, the dean of the college disparaged my school in her speech. Bitch!


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