Saturday, February 20, 2010

So...Valentine's Day

Breakfast in bed, well, not bed (he had to get groceries and I had laundry to do. Still delicious.

We had dinner at Outback on Saturday and then went to Devotchka on Sunday night. We were on the kiss cam!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sha La La La Life Goes On

Work is fine, worky, you know.

Family is good, had an "interesting" lunch conversation with Mom, sisters and Sue. Dad declined to attend, probably better for his sanity.

BF is great, I spent some time with his hockey team last night.

BF is treating me to my FIRST EVER Valentine's Day. Previous boyfriends were bitter about the holiday, I played along as long as I could, but it just got so demoralizing. Sometimes a girl needs a card or flowers on a predesignated day in February.

I am so sick of being a secretary/assistant so I am taking steps to do something about it.

Also, my dislike of people was further deepened yesterday while driving to Jace's hockey game and the person two cars up from me at the light stopped to give money to the homeless guy on the corner. A noble deed, indeed, if they had been on the side closest to the curb, which he was not. So the homeless dude had to wait until the light turned red (did i mention the car stopped to give this guy money on the green?) Anyway, the guy in front of me decided a bit too late to try and go around and hit me! No damage though, he hit my already dented license plate. But still, people are idiots.

I got 4 boxes of Christmas cards for $0.49 each. So there's that.