Friday, June 30, 2006


I had a physical last week. I thought it would involve more. All she (the doctor) did was look down my throat, in my ears and listen to my chest, my blood pressure was taken and I had an EKG. Oh, and I waited for the bitch for over an hour. I always wait for this woman. She wears Ralph Lauren and I wait. I need a new doctor. All the doctors in that building make you wait. It's not like I don't have things to do you know. I use Friday to get ahead for the next week and by having to wait for her ass to get into gear, I am wasting my, my group's and Buddha's time (he has to listen to me bitch and not reject the negative and embrace the positive which makes him sad).

So, since I have had a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lung, the left one, hurt like hell) and I had some mild chest pain on physical day, I had to get a CT scan. Which means for all of you who are unaware: I had to admit myself to the hospital through a very surly admissions clerk, call my boss to explain the situation, get a plastic tube stuck in to my arm, wait (more waiting, you'd think I would get some kind of dispensation for this), get put into a machine and hooked up to an IV. In the machine, which looks eerily similar to a doughnut started up, I was pumped full of dye (which leaves a metallic taste in your mouth, gives you a hot flash and makes you want to pee). They took a few pictures of my lungs, pronounced me healthy and sent me on my way.

On Monday, since 4 hours is not a long enough fast (I would never survive an Islamic holiday), I had to get my blood taken.

The point of this whole story is that I have a huge bruise on my arm and look like a heroine addict without any of the chicness.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


I just read this article and I would love to know if this moron actually wants children to be born and most likely die in abject poverty in the developing countries that this aid will go to? He is misinformed, misguided and mistaken. The Gates Foundation supports birth control efforts. The third world is overpopulated, children die every day because their families can't feed or care for them properly. By promoting and teaching birth control methods you are stopping a problem at its source. There is nothing wrong with birth control and I have never understood the Catholic's stance against it or their desire to rival the population of China within a single family. I am all for big families (although I do not want to have one) as long as the children as well as the adults are cared for and given everything they need. It just makes me mad when those who do not deserve it come under fire from the Extreme Right who have no bloody idea what they are talking about since they have probably never seen the horror these people are living everyday.

My friend Amy just got back from India and she said it was the saddest place she had ever been (while also being one of the most beautiful). The level of poverty she saw was enough to knock the wind out of you.

Have you heard about this woman in Missouri or Kansas who has had 16 children because "we just love kids so much." Yeah, kids are great, but 16 is taking it a little, actually a lot, too far. Do you think her older kids had normal childhoods? No, they were too busy helping to raise their younger siblings when mom...I could say something really mean, but I won't. They will talk enough about it in therapy so...

So helping to not bring children into that kind of life is commendable in my opinion.

It's All in a Name and Other Musings

I don't like my blog's name. It could be way cooler. But I don't know how to change it without deleting and therefore destroying everything I've worked so hard for.


It doesn't feel like Thursday, more like a Tuesday or a Wednesday. Days have certain feelings and today doesn't feel right. The world is ending, maybe that's it.

So, the Fourth of July (one of the few holidays with it's date in it, very handy for the very forgetful) is coming up next week. Being from a military family, this has always been a big day for us. In the past, there were parades, concerts, fireworks shows on the beach...ah memories. No more. Since moving to The Middle, I am lucky to get a BBQ and a sparkler. I do love sparklers, so it's kind of ok. But I do miss watching fireworks shot from a boat in a bay while I sit on the beach or on a hill and just look at them.

The best show I ever saw was when we lived in DC and we ventured down to the Capitol to watch the show. Music (mostly annoying, bad and Christian), people (definitely annoying, heat frustrated and sweaty) and historical monuments (dedicated to tights wearing, wig sporting, very musical men. They were great men but extremely contradictory when looked at from a historical perspective, more on this later). It was very crowded, you can only imagine. And the temp was a little high that day, the humidity was leveling. Misting stations (PVC pipes and hoses constructed so you could walk under or through them and get "misted") were set up, do you think that helped? Hell no, only a sub Arctic breeze would have helped. IT WAS HOT.

But watching the fireworks pop over the Capitol and the Washington Monument was gorgeous, I have pictures that look like postcards. It was great.

I actually have plans for the holiday week (and I am totally bragging here, because it's rare):

Saturday: BBQ at Mom and Dad's. Appetizer must be brought.
Sunday: BBQ at Best Friend's house. Self must be brought, I will likely also bring food and/or alcohol.
Monday: I have to work, but I am hoping for a short day. Cross your fingers, jump three times and spin around twice. You never know, it could work.
Tuesday (Actual Holiday): Reservoir with co-workers and their dogs. Should be fun.
Wednesday: Back to work, kill me now.
Thursday: Nothing, maybe some work.
Friday: Luscious Lesbian Sister arrives into town
Saturday: Entire family flies (in a plane, the super powers haven't kicked in yet) to The MO. The Crush will drive me to the grandparent's house, which means no bitch seat for me and I get to avoid 2 hours of either fighting and/or driving games. All in all a win-win for moi.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I really have to go see this.
I love a man in a cape.

I wish I had powers, flying would be very convenient.
Brandon Routh...actual farm boy...yummy.

Sloveny, Part II

I sanitized (bleach, Clorox cleansers, Lysol, Comet - the whole bit) my house last night and the only thing left to do is vacuum, put the laundry away and put the stuffing back into the pillows that I washed twice. It needed to be done.

This house is clean.

Petty Peeves

There are certain things in life that just drive you up a wall. These are our pet peeves: (noun) a frequent subject of complaint. People driving with their blinkers on for instance. Or baby talk between adults. Or mine (one of them at least), talking on the phone while in the bathroom. This act is fine if you are fixing your makeup or putting your hair up, but when you are actually using the facilities for their intended purpose, it is not only rude, but incredibly disgusting.

Like the dodo, courtesy and manners are dead. It all started with the advent of the cordless phone and progressed from there with the cell phone. Without that cord to anchor you to one local, you are free to roam and that leads to a whole mess of trouble.

If you need to use the bathroom while you are on the phone, excuse yourself, put the phone down (a difficult concept for some) and use the bathroom, wash your hands and come back to the conversation. Or tell them you will call them back. It's just that simple.

My sister uses the bathroom while she's on the phone with me and I hate it.

I just came back from the bathroom, in my office. Where a woman was talking on the phone, in the stall, while peeing! I can kind of understand if she were at home, but at work, I really don't think the call was that important.

My last college roommate Teri was never without her phone, took it everywhere. She was also a relatively accident prone girl who was even more of a slob than I was (I had lived in the dorms a while and she just never learned that clean = bigger looking shoebox). Anyway...she dropped her phone in the toilet in our dorm room. I hope to god it was a fresh bowl at that time because she fished it out. It didn't work after that, suffice to say.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I am a slob...a dirty, disgusting slob. I used to be clean, mostly due to the fact that I was bored and under-sexed, but I was clean. Now I work 45-50 hours a week and am just too exhausted to clean up after I get home from work. My diet has suffered too. I eat crap. I am cleaning my house right now, sanitizing everything because I found un tres petit ver (look it up) on my bed this morning and it freaked me out. So I bought all new pillows and am boiling my sheets.

I have:

Dusted (I have never done that in my house)
Bleached my bathroom
Rewashed all my dishes

I will:

Wash the seat covers on my couch

But first I need to eat more crap.

My dishwasher SUCKS.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Identity Crisis

My insane. Like most cats (yes, I am single and have a cat, you wanna fight about it?), she is f*ing nuts. Runs and stares at nothing most of the time or sleeps between my feet and wakes me up with a bite to the bun or a walk on my chest (she's fat and that hurts). But this weekend my fears were confirmed...she thinks she's a dog. She follows me around like a puppy (which is very sweet), she comes when I call her and this weekend I wore some shoes I hadn't worn in a while and I noticed a bite mark on the left one, near the pinky toe. Since I am not in the habit of eating my own footwear, I hate feet, and since my bite is way bigger than that which is in said shoe, I have to assume she did it

Also, if anyone knows anyone in the San Francisco area who would be willing to take care of my sister's cats (2) for a little while when her ex is doing some life re-arranging, please comment on the site and I will get you in contact with her. We are desperate.

I Know, I Know

I know, I know...I have been a bad blogger, BAD! Leaving all of you out in the cold and I apologize. It was a hard week. I fell in love, got married, fell out of love, got divorced and had to divide up the comic book and porn collection. It was very hard.

Just kidding, what you have just read is what will probably, most likely happen in my future relationships/marriages. Onto the notes:

My mom is freaking out. It's about the MO trip. She is being very negative. She's usually a very optimistic person and I don't like her morbid attitude. I am excited about the trip. We know how to find the fun, no matter where we go.

The cackling hens were at it again. A new outcropping of pregnant women has descended in the office so they all have to get together in my vicinity and cackle. I hope I never turn out like them.

AFI and Sean Connery. The AFI honored Sir Sean last week for his achievements in film. The man is damn near 80, and still witty and smart as all hell and I would still totally do him, if he were James Bond (which is apparently all he will be remembered for based on the montages they showed at the ceremony) only I want a not so slutty version. The man would bed anything.

I went to bed at 7pm. I fell asleep during the Simpsons and decided that was the perfect time to go to bed. I don't think I have gone to bed that early since my age was in single digits. I felt very rested afterward and for the rest of the week maintained my usual 5-6 hour nights.

I need a boyfriend. If only to buy the meals I really don't want to cook.

I replaced my addiction. I won't have to revert to prostitution. Save for the occasional Chai, I have replaced my caffeine/sugar addiction with concerts. I am seeing 2 in July. More expensive than coffee and pastry but with the potential for more lasting memories.

I want to get a tattoo. But they're permanent and therein lies the rub.

Slacking Blogs. All the blogs I read were total slackers today. No one has written since the weekend and while this it totally hypocritical, I must say that I am very disappointed.

Gay Pride Festival. I got a call from the Lucious Lesbian Sister on Sunday telling I had to go to Pride (I've been before, in her stead, she had a class). So instead of wasting my Sunday, I went. It's great for people watching. You had your requisite bitchy queens and dykes, overpriced booze and food (which I did not partake) and craft booths and cause-heads (See PCU for the reference). Let me just say, The Middle is not known for our pretty gays. A lot more transgenders this year though. The drag kings were not up to par. I bought buttons. No protesters (at least that I could see) this year.

PS - No one looks good in mesh, NO ONE!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Affirmation - I Love Canada

Lots of A's, a C, D, and an N and your good to go.

I think I have said it before, but I will say it again. I love Canadian entertainment, all forms. Music, TV (I have said this before) and movies. I just watched Men with Brooms. is a great movie and incredibly funny. It's about curling, which is a hilarious sport unto itself and is just so sweet and likeable that you have to love it.

It has the guy from "Due South" in it. I loved that show, until they changed his partner and it all went to shit, but he is gorgeous and funny and sweet in this movie and I have to add it to my collection.

You can't go wrong with dialogue like this:

Chris Cutter: No, it's not just a rock.
Amy Foley: No?
Chris Cutter: It's forty-two pounds of polished granite, beveled on the belly and a handle a human being can hold. And it may have no practical purpose in itself but it is a repository of human possibility and if it's handled just right, it will exact the kind of poetry...

Joanne: [discussing curling] Okay. Like shuttleboard.
James Lennox: It's shuffleboard and no. You gotta think like snooker, poker, and free-rock
climbing. This is dangerous shit.

It's curling...I love it!

PS - My Work BFF is Canadian, by way of Poland. She has triple citizenship (if that's possible, I don't question a girl born in Eastern Europe, you just don't) - USA, Canada, Poland.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


My caffeine/sugar addiction is getting out of hand. It's worse than smoking, money-wise that is. I am up to 1 cappuccino or 1 chai every other day. I may have to start hooking to feed my habit.

I miss summer vacation. I haven't had a real one since I was 14. I started working summers the following year and that sucks. I want to sleep all day and watch TV all night and forget what day of the week it is and not bathe (it was ok when I was 9, might not be so much at 24).

I leave for MO in 23 days, whose excited? I was until I found out that we would all be staying at Grandma and Grandpa's. That's all very well and good, but that means I have no place to escape to if the familial bonding gets to be too much. If all else fails and I am driven to the verge of maiming someone, I am sure there is a motel I can crawl to. If not, someone may lose an eye, possibly a pinky.

I am going shopping for summer clothes (for the trip) with my oldest friend (we've known each other since 7th grade) tomorrow. We are going to one of my stores because 1) I get a super discount 2) they have everything 3)It's just easier to go to my store than the mall, less tweens to push through and complain how old we are.

Wish us luck on our excursion.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Film, Film, Film

I just watched AFI's 100 Year, 100 Cheers special. I love AFI, mostly because I love lists, but even more because I love film (and they always showcase the best films ever made). You get to relive the moments that made you love a movie or actor or genre in the first place and get to hear first hand from the people that made those movies why they are so special to all of us. I have watched all of AFI's specials and have chosen to watch movies based on those lists because they caught something in me and looked so interesting that I had to see them.

I have always been interested in film and even minored in it in college (if I knew for sure that I could make a living out of it, I would have majored in it). The minor gave me a chance, though, to watch great movies, read amazing essays (when I actually did the reading, of course) and write critically about something I love so much.

Looking over the lists, no matter what the topic, it's always the same movies and that says something. These film are so ingrained in our collective conscious and unconscious that no matter the subject, these are the films that instantly spring to mind.

Gone With the Wind....On the Waterfront....Casablanca....Cool Hand Luke....E.T....Forrest Gump...Shane....Apollo 13....High Noon....Lawrence of Arabia....Ben Hur....Rocky....

Everything you will need in life is in these movies. They are a compass to guide , to make us laugh, to make us cry and to make us hope.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So Sorry

Dear Readers, I am sorry I haven't written in a while. I've been tired, and while I know this is not a good excuse it will have to do.

Yesterday's notes:

No body tells me anything. On the off chance that someone actually calls me to announce something (I was the first B came out to) I find out during or after the fact. My mom was in Minnesota over the weekend, I didn't find out until she and my dad emailed me. Two of my departments are moving to another area of the company, didn't find out until today. A new buyer was chosen for kid's and socks (I work in footwear), didn't get told until I heard it in passing. Seriously, I would like to get these memos.

My fanbase has grown apparently. Do family members count? My mom got my aunt and presumably my uncle and cousins in Minnesota reading YeahSureRight. So we are up to, I think, 13 people.

My mom thinks I am pathetic. My last couple of posts were apparently so melancholy that I got 2 emails and a phone call. We talk all the time, but still, I think she was trying to see that I was still alive. I was sad, I am lonely, I will survive.

I bought a new lipstick, it's very fetching on me.

I am hurt by the lack of comments that no one is writing. I need comments, they feed my ego, and it's hungry.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Inner Dork

My inner dork came out the other day. I was talking to Daria, a co-worker and friend, and somehow comics came up. I confess, it's true, I like comics and graphic novels. They are fun. It's art and literature in one place, you gotta love that.

My favorites are Strangers in Paradise, Blue Monday, and Hopeless Savages. My last college roommate got me into them. They are all stories of the young and semi-angstful, but very fun, smart and well written and drawn. Often the writers and artists on the above mentioned share co-writing or illustrating credits on each other's comics. That gives them a sense of community, friendship and joy that you don't see in a lot of places.

I know what you are thinking. "How can such a cool girl, who I must assume is the cutest thing, like comics?" Well, I like to laugh, they make me laugh and that's pretty much it. The stories always intrigue me. And yes, I do get strange looks whenever I venture into a comics store, not many women go in there.

I have tried to get other people interested in the books, but they just have this preconceived notion that only pimply faced dweebs read them in their basements and won't even try one. I am sure if they would discover, as I did, that they are fun.

PS - There is also Barry Ween who I discovered after college. It's written by Judd Winick, who you might remember, was on The Real World, that useless heap of celluloid that used to be cool. Read this and you will understand why I can forgive him for that.

I don't like this feeling

I am bored and restless. I haven't felt this way since after my stroke when I wasn't allowed to drive or work and all I could do was watch TV and read ( and most of the time I was too restless to do that). I don't like this feeling, it makes me feel useless.

I tried going to the art museum today, but they only have 2 floors open because of construction/remodeling. The first floor is an exhibit of the remodel, which is useless and not entertaining at all. The floor below is just the kids area. Why even stay open? What is so interesting about the remodel and construction? The new building is really ugly and does not flow with the original building. I like continuity and unification, there is none in the new building.

So I went down the road, thinking I could go to the Zoo or Natural History Museum, but I have been there a million times and nothing is new so that was out. I drove around for a while thinking I would see something interesting. Nothing.

I went to my favorite sandwich place and came home.

Something amazing needs to happen and SOON!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday Night

It's Friday, I am bored. I returned a library book after work, renewed my lease and watched "Along Came Polly" and "Runaway Jury." I love John Cusack, he's funny, intelligent and looks like a really good kisser (from the movies I have seen him in). I am very big on the kiss. I think I have mentioned this before. There is nothing better than a kiss. Just the thought and/or memory of one is good enough sometimes.

Now there are good kissers and kisses and there are bad ones. I have had my share of both. I am not saying I am some kind of lip whore (I think I hae mentioned this too), but I have had a decent sampling of the population. I wrote it out once in college and the names (yes, I remember their names) only took up one and a half columns on wide ruled paper, so it's not a lot.

The prefect kiss needs to have several elements. 1) Anticipation, you can't expect it, only hope for it. Sometimes a surprise is good 2) Good lip to lip contact (upper and lower), it's not mathematical, it's not symmetrical but somehow it lines up just right. 3) Build-up, you can't dive right into teeth mashing (that hurts, trust me), tongue biting (while fun...), mind only on the final goal (you know what I'm talking about). You have to build into it, start out slow, light. Then like any good song, build into a crescendo and pull them in closer and closer...Oh yeah.

Kissing is an art. It should be treated with deference and thought. It should be enjoyed.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Yeah, I Know

I am watching the MTV Movie Awards, I know, and AFI just performed. The lead singer wears more makeup than a Las Vegas drag queen and he has 2 full sleeves (tattooed arms). But the makeup is incredibly off putting, intriguing, but off putting.

I did not have the most fantastic day. I had a moron moment and kept thinking it was the 3rd, not the 8th, so I didn't do a project I do EVERY FREAKING WEEK. But I got it done super fast, by deadline. I also got called into the bosses office this morning for doing my job, some people (the buyer's assistants) didn't like that I was superseding their supposed authority over our products. The bosses backed me up though and everything was resolved by day's end. My heart rate didn't return to normal until about 4:30pm.

So the apocalypse did happen on a small scale. I did get out of work at a reasonable hour. Six o'clock and then Best Non Boyfriend Boyfriend Matt bought me dinner.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Notes

Remember how I am trying to get lower rent? Well, that ain't happenin'. But they have offered to steam my carpets, buy me a new dishwasher and a whole mess of other things, which I will take. I am a sucker for a good bribe. And hey, It's only $40 extra a month for a year and then I will buy a house and Cocoa can have a backyard and a swing-set (ok, that's for me, but she can watch me from the window as I fly through the air).

My sister B (San Francisco lesbian, you remember) has been trying to get me to come and visit her for quite some time now and I found some super deals online to lots of places, The SF included. So I might trek over there in September, which I am told is the "summer month" there. Should be fun.

Today's Notes

I hope everyone survived 6/6/06. No black cats, ladders, broken glass and such? Good.

I want to read a more diversified collection of books this summer. I read a lot as it is, but am trying to break out of my usual classics-chicklit-mystery habit. Anyone have any good book suggestions? Nothing sports related, please, I am sported out (whole story, another time).

I am ahead of schedule at work, which can only mean one thing... Yup, the apocalypse.

Hopefully I will see you guys tomorrow.

An Ode

My parents have been together for 30 years. An applaudable feat in anyone's eyes, yes. The miracle that they have stayed together so long is that they are complete opposites. While mom is loud, dad is quiet. While dad is conservative, mom is too with a wild streak. I talk about sex freely with her, and talk politics with him. My mom is a bit of a nut, a very fun nut, mind you, but a nut none the less. Sometimes I think dad is just along for her crazy, wild ride, smiling in his way the entire time. You can't raise a writer, an artist and B (we don't know what she is yet)without a little bit of crazy in you.

They have always supported our endeavors, offered advice and money when they could and love always. They are great people.

Yes, Yes, YES!

I have renewed faith in the U.S. Government to regulate itself. The Gay Marriage Ban -
Marriage Protection (Ha!) Amendment was quashed by the Senate.
Rejoicing all around.
Like Travis the dear reader said, marriage is a contract and the government has no right to regulate any aspect of it.
This is a proud day. But I am sure they will try it again after they rework the language a bit. But still...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

You Can Go Ahead and Laugh

I went tanning yesterday and as I was wearing, shall we say minimal undergarments, my tush is a little pink. Go ahead and chuckle. It's funny.

I got a lot of ideas to write about today and I wrote them down and everything. They seem a little silly now, but I will give you a break down:

I ate the most amazing panini today, all cheesy and melty. It was heavenly.

I love warm tomatoes, whether they are warmed in the sun in a garden or heated in the oven, I love 'em.

I hate warm pickles. I love a cold one, but a warm one is gross. I take them off all burgers except the ones at Red Robin, they are kinda still cold there, especially on the Gardenburger.

My boss scares the bejeezus out of me. No matter the context of his speech, his tone stays the same and it's freaky. It feels like he's mad all the time. A mad boss makes me uneasy.

That's all, that was my day. It's sad when the highlight of your day is a sandwich, a walk (1 mile, I plan to increase the distance by .5 every other day, the treadmills in my complex's gym have fans built in, very nice) and a shower.

Monday, June 05, 2006

New Rule

I have decided to only blog from home from now on. While I do not value my job all that much (ok, I do like my job - sometimes), I do value the money they give me and as I do not want to lose said money, I really should keep my blogging activities at home. I will try to write as much as I would if I were at work. When I get a new idea, I will write it down and blog it when I get home. Don't worry, I will keep all 8 of you updated on my little life.

Post Script

Travis, loyal reader and rescuer in my hour of Missouri had some great points to say about "Government = Evil..." Here is an excerpt.

"By allowing same-sex marriages, the government is in no way condoning or condemning homosexual orientation or homosexual acts, meaning that both religious opponents and gay-rights activists stand on an irrelevant issue. The most accurate term for two members of like gender entering into civil marriage is "same-sex marriage." However, this does not mean the denial of same-sex marriage is non-discriminatory. If I, as a man, am free to marry someone we'll call Jennifer, whereas Christina is not, then the discrimination is of gender, rather than of sexual orientation. The simple fact is Christina is being denied the same opportunity that I enjoy, simply because she is a female."

-Timothy M. Vock

I like this Vock character. Unfortunate name, but good incite.

Trav wrote this to me:

The ban is 100% motivated by religion, which is unconstitutional. Marriage is a contract, not an institution, and not sacred. Anything that defines marriage as sacred is based in religious beliefs and has no place in government.

To which I wrote something about goats.

So form an opinion, make a choice and stamp this bill into the void.

Government = Evil, Me = Not So Much

So, if you haven't been living under a rock for the past, oh, 50 years, you would know that my, our government is trying to ban gay marriage. They say they are trying to protect the sanctity of of marriage and the children that it produces. What the fuck?

Marriage is not about gender or children. If you find someone that you love so much that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, you should have all the rights and privileges that affords, regardless of gender.

Many same sex couples have been together longer and are more committed than a lot of marriage I know. Sanctity my ass. It's all about pleasing a world-wide minority that happens to be a majority in this country.

The divorce rate is 52%. Think about it.

If it's about children, what about those couples that opt not to have them? Huh, you say. All marriages produce children. No, sorry, they don't. But a lot of gay couples have children and they are loved. They have devoted parents and get tucked in at night and are read stories and are told to eat their vegetables. How is this different from two differently gendered parents?

They say that gay parents produce gay children. That is just not true. Gay children from gay parents occur just as often as gay children from straight parents.

They say that gay parents set a bad example. Sorry, I am sure bad things happen, but they happen in the straight community as well. I know people that have discovered their parent's affairs and drug problems. It happens everywhere, no matter the gender.

What happens when you have to define man and woman? What about transgenders, where do they fall into place? Do you have to be born a certain gender to be labeled as such, or just live as that gender? We are getting into some very murky water here people. And it will not stand. The GLBT (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender) community is somewhat large and have very loud voices (I lived with a lesbian sister for 23 years, I know these things). Hopefully, this law will not pass or at the very least will be declared unconstitutional.

If not, I am going to Europe or Canada.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's Hot

It's so hot.
I had to turn on the A/C and buy ice-cream and fruit (mostly water, you know).
It's so hot.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Mixin' It Up

I have been reading a story on MSN and CNN about these two girls who were in a car accident. One died and was buried, the other is in the hospital. The thing is, they were mixed up. The body was sent to the wrong family and strangers have been watching over the girl in the hospital. I am having my name tattooed somewhere. The articles say this kind of thing is rare, but come on. I am sure it happens all the time, they just don't tell the media.

But isn't that awful? To think you lost your child and find out she's alive. And conversely, to think some miracle saved your child only to find out she has long since been buried and you didn't even get to say goodbye. That is tragic and my heart goes out to both families. I couldn't survive something like that.

They have a blog of the survivor on this site, it's under the decedent's name. Go, wish them good things.

It's Official

I want to die. I was at work until 9:30 last night and came in at 7 this morning, I am so very tired. My chest wall has hurt since I stopped going to Physical Therapy and I just want to go home. On the bright side, I have no plans for the weekend so I will be spending it sleeping and watching movies, just as God intended. I do have to buy milk though, Rice Krispies are not a cereal you can eat dry. Corn Pops, on the other hand, are perfect. As are Cheerios and Froot Loops.

I was here so late that I had time to call both sisters and Matt. I wanted to wish K a happy birthday (21, I feel old) and see how B was doing (I haven't talk to her in a while, she was in a mood). Apparently both of them have been reading this here blog and I am "not so much dorky funny anymore as witty, actual funny." I am funny, so sayeth the sisters. It's an accomplishment considering I "didn't get cool until I went away to college." (Both quotes are from B)

That's love.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Weirdness That is Me

I am an odd girl, I will be the first to admit it. I go to art museums, movies and restaurants by myself. I like French films. I like to look at grave markers. They are are fascinatingly. You can tell how much someone was loved by a really good marker. I have actually cried after reading some.

I am not obsessed with death, I like to find out how these people lived through their markers. Were they married, did they have children and grandchildren? Did they die old or young? Did they make a mark on this planet? Invariably, the answer is usually less, if they didn't they're wouldn't have the loved ones to mark them.

My favorite site is, home of the Famous, the Infamous and the Just Plain Dead. It's very cool, I got one of my cousins hooked.

Markers are very overlooked pieces of art. Some of them are elaborate, some simple, some big, some small. All are beautiful.

The Death Trip

Sounds more interesting than it is.

My family is crazy. Literally. Most of us have been, should be or are on medication. As an example of this craziness, my section of the clan is flying to Missouri in July to the smallest town in existence. You actually have to go to the next town over to go to Wal-Mart. Missouri in any weather is miserable, the humidity there rivals Pradesh in monsoon season and we will be there in JULY.

My mom explains this quite calmly (she has learned after years of being met with groans everything she announces a MO trip): "Your grandparents are getting older, they don't travel and you won't go on your own." Which is all very true. I have dubbed this excursion "The Death Trip." Morbid and incredibly mean, I know, but also funny, I think.

I looked on the town website (they have a website but no Wal-Mart, suspicious, no?) to see if anything is going on that I could do if my family gets out of hand (my mouth gets a little carried away) and tries to kill one another (although that would be fun to watch). I am not only missing the Civil War reenactment (end of June) , but also the BBQ Contest (August).

So in July, I will be in MO. Yup, MO.

Thankfully, The Crush has offered to rescue me while I am there.

Rents and Rants

The one thing I don't like about not living in a bigger city is the lack of rent control (Rent control refers to laws or ordinances that set price controls on residential housing. It functions as a price ceiling). This glorious institution was created to help people. I am people and I want the help. My apartment complex is trying to raise my rent.

They first sent me a little note saying my lease was almost up and that I should talk to the manager about renewing. They even tried to bribe me with a bag of candy that accompanied the note, sneaky bastards.

My new lease would up my monthly rent $70. Can you F-ing believe that? I mean, yes, I got in on a sweet deal, but 70 extra dollars a month? Seriously.

Then I went to talk to the manager a very sweet girl (or so I thought) named Jessica. The woman is a master of manipulation, talking about how she could only act on orders from God (the owner), that this was a competitive price in the area and that she could go as low as just charging me $40 extra. She's good.

But I am better. I actually went out a found a bigger place for less than what I am paying now. While the fit and finish isn't as great as what I have now and there is no W/D in the unit, I made her email God and say this is what other complexes are charging.

Then she pulled out the big guns. She got all stern and said it looked like I was going to not renew and she would put my apartment, my home, on the list of available spaces. She is good.

But then again, I am still better.

I hate moving. The pack and unpacking, the enlistment of large men to help you with the furniture. It's a hassle that I am willing to pay an extra $40 to avoid. I don't want to and I don't like it, but I will do it. Besides I had to move every 4 months when I was in college and I refuse to carry on the tradition by moving every year. Besides, I am going to buy a house next year anyway.

Although, the other place I found is closer to work and the bedroom is huge. Must contemplate.

There is no W/D. I can't move there.