Thursday, July 30, 2009

Interesting Randomness

There is a pair of panties in the parking lot at my office. Should I be alarmed that people might be having sex while I am working or just assume this was a random act of static cling? I dunno, you decide, I'm tired. Red wine, rich food and cute boy kisses will do that to you.

PS to Mom - Just kissing and he works for Vail Resorts.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Maturity Level of Some People Just Astounds Me

The LLS and the LLSP broke up a while ago. Since LLS has a new girlfriend (and is at her house every night), LLSP still lives here. That being said, I am in the thick of their ever constant fighting, squabbling, bitching and ranting.

I hate conflict anyway so living like this is pure hell. Also, they each feel the need to bitch to me. I get conflicting stories, I hear them fight. I hate it.

Today I am told that as some sick form of punishment, LLSP is taking all of their co-owned cats instead of just 2 of the 4. She is also reclaiming everything that she ever gave LLS. This woman is nearly 40 and this is how she acts. Lovely huh?

No wonder they didn't work out, they are both idiots.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again

This is post 700, just an FYI.

I went on a date today, a walk around Wash Park with a very handsome Cornell graduate. We talked for 5 hours at the park, watching ducks and people play volleyball while lying in the grass.

We are going out again tomorrow to see a movie.

Also, I am incredibly sunburned right now (went to the pool yesterday), not pretty, but it's my own damn fault. I will tan up in a few days.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Obviously, I'm Not a People Person

I am in a mood. Probably shouldn't be listening to sad Aerosmith songs.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Suck it Dear Abby

I read advice columns. Why, because people are just stupid and sometimes so is the advice columnist. Her usual advice is:

Speak with a trusted adult (usually given to the younger writers-in)...if they had a trusted adult they could turn to, I don't think they would be writing into a stranger.

Consult a religious adviser...when has that ever worked?

Talk to a therapist...always a good option, but this takes time and a lot of money. My advice is much easier and simpler.

Dump him.
Consult a lawyer, you're gonna need it.
Yes, he is cheating on you, get tested.
They aren't going to change, cut them out of your life and move on.

I should write this stuff.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Father's Day - Belated

Since one sister was out of town and the other couldn't make it over, we finally had Father's Day this past Sunday. So here is my Father's Day post:

There are no words to describe how I feel about my dad, he is just wonderful. I have yet to realize that he is an actual human being, he is still superman to me.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What Now?

What I am listening to: Death Cab for Cutie, Little Bribes

What I am Following: (and my grammar and diction are suffering), but it's awesome.

What I am eating: Cashew (one of my favorite nuts) chicken

What I am seeing: Nothing, I have my sleep mask on, makes for much better sleep.

Get this Kids

I am feeling a mite lonely. So lonely in fact that I am this close to signing up for Match again. In my head, it's like why spend 100+ dollars on a lot of wasted time and even more money (I pay for my own dates thank you!). I do not club, or go to bars. To quote Kelly Clarkson, "I do not hook up." What is a girl to do? The boys at my favorite spots do not talk to me, it is very sad and so am I.

But my heart is yearning. I have flashes on what it used to be like when I had boyfriends,that sense of complete contentment. It is only a memory now.

Can you tell I have had too much caffeine today?

So many things

Gotta catch up...

Saw Public Enemies, loved it.

Didn't go camping over 4th of July weekend. Wouldn't have needed my tent, but sharing an outhouse with 11 people did not sound very appealing that weekend. Plus couples, might as well kill me now. Instead got drunk way too early in the day on the 3rd and watched fireworks from a friend's roof.

I went to the John Denver Tribute concert, it was super. I am a fan, not an uber-fan, I am not one of those people who cries at the mere sight of a certain artist but I enjoy the music of the late Mr. Denver. I was in the 7th row! I have never been that close at Red Rocks, I am usually relegated to the mid-nosebleeds, but I got there early and got in line to walk the ramp up about 20 people back, it was great. I over paid for stadium food (I chose not to tailgate the show, unlike many others). You have to love that $8 beer (I had one). I didn't know most of the songs in the first act, but almost all of them in the second. Also, special treat, John Denver's mom and brother were there as were two members of his original band and they played on stage! It was magnificent. Although, during the encore (Rocky Mountain High - The Colorado State song, one of them at least), the chick in front of me started freaking out. I am thinking she was a former neo-hippie.

So, I am sure you are asking how my Cocoa Bean is. After a second opinion from a very cute vet, she will need surgery. That will probably happen next month.

You must be wondering what a happenin' chick does on a Friday night. Well, I don't know, I am not hip. I plan on getting drunk and putting away my laundry. Exciting, isn't it? Please, do not envy my life. Go about yours as best you can.

Pridefest Blog

Dogs in purses/strollers: Most of the dogs at Pride were in purse-like carriers or in strollers. Yes, people, strollers. I am all for caring about your pet, but isn’t that just a little excessive?

All the cute boys are gay! This has become part of my mantra…I think he’s cute, he must be taken or gay. As true in life as it is at Pride.

Super cute a sweet old gay dudes: I love old gay men; they are so sweet and have usually been with their partners since the 70’s. Yet another reason for equality in marriage rights.

All leather all the time: It was nearly 100 degrees at Pride this year. The leather daddies could not have been comfortable.

The proper use of bikini tops and spandex: Like I said, it was hot, I, myself was wearing shorts and a very low cut tank (I was so cute!). Many people were dressed similarly, but there is only so much spandex one can look at. If you have the body for it, show it off, wear those short shorts (or just underwear, I don’t mind) for all they are worth. If you do not have the body for it and your bikini top is still working hard down by your waistline, it’s time to put a shirt on it and don’t make us look at it. Same goes for full shirts that still do not cover what’s hanging over your pants.

Camera wielding perverts: Imagine a yeti in a Hawaiian shirt, wielding a camera, stealthily (O caught him several times, but I am a trained people watcher) taking pictures of the gay men’s chorus. He made several swipes, walking by, snap snap snap, walk away, come back, snap snap snap Not of their faces or hot shirtlessness, but of their feet. I am convinced he needed material for his spank bank.

Mullet-Tastic: People, the mullet was never cool. Even in 1987. You are just playing into a stereotype and it’s just not pretty. Chop it off. There are so many mose follicular options.

Underwear/ Stickers only fashion statements: I loved this girl. She was walking about in shorts and “equal rights” stickers over her upper naughty bits and it was fabulous.

Who you trying to kid? Bikinis and high heels to Pride, really? Again, really? This ain’t no car show. Put a skirt on at least.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

It's Thursday

OK, so I have said it before, I do not want to get married, why be tied to one person for life. But seeing as how I haven't been in a relationship in about a year, more than a year actually, and seeing all my "friends" on Facebook and watching Much Ado About Nothing (1993), I am feeling kind of lonely. Yes, I could enjoy the company of several men. But I do not have their true affection and that makes me sad. I do not want their love per say, just that of a worthy man. A good and kind man.

Being the reasonable woman that I am, this shouldn't affect me as it does, but I am still a girl and it would be nice.

Damn you Shakespeare, always messing me up. Damn you to the burning pyre where I left King Lear (it was high school, I had to be dramatic).