Saturday, August 29, 2009

Woe is Me

After talking with my loan guy, actually, his boss, since my guy either quit or got fired (I'm going with the latter), I have determined that I cannot afford to buy a house.

It's sad, but what can you do? I can either get a second job, get married (this was actually suggested by the bank guy) or wait until I am making more money.

Besides, I can't afford to live in the neighborhoods I want and refuse to live in the ones I can.

So, now I am looking for a cheap little apartment in the city. I want to live alone again, I am a solitary person and having a roommate really cuts into my walking around naked time.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm Tired

Babysitting puppies, going out, family obligations, shoe shopping. I lead a busy life.

I am house sitting for a week. The dogs were a little bad last night, but I think they will calm down today.

Jason and I are still going out. New concept, he is the pursuer, who knew this could be done. The dogs hate him.

My aunt is in town, Dad's sister, so this is the quiet side of the family. I think we scare her.

I am buying my Roomie and BF wedding outfit accessories today: shoes and other paraphernalia. Plus I need new sandals and I plan to take full advantage of the back-to-school/end-of-season sales. I love a good bargain.

Next weekend (I haven't had a free one in months) I am filming, JoAnna is making a moving and I volunteered to help out with the production. So I might be assisting with make-up and costumes, or I might be dressed as a man screaming at the enemy. Ah, adventures...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Too Good

I was spending a nice Sunday with Jason, having spent my morning with a bunch of mechanics and spending my hard earned house money on 4 new tires...relaxing.

Since I live in a crap hole neighborhood, someone decided it would be a fabulous idea to break one pane in a double pane window in the hallway, took a few punches, but they did it!

And they left the shards in the hallway, isn't that nice of them.

Jason and I made a few trips outside the house sometime after the incident and each time, he looks at the pile of glass and says the whole situation is ridiculous. He also said I am too good for this neighborhood and I need to find a house soon. No kidding, I viewed a few more on Sunday. One was painted in a sponging pattern with red paint, it looked like someone with really big, bloody thumbs had fingerprinted the walls. Not good. Would require a lot of primer.

So the housing search continues, the first house I looked at and LOVED is still available and I want it! I want it bad!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Living Wake

With the impending loss of our dear, sweet Maxie, the family got together to send him off proper...with cheese.

We all went to Mom and Dad's, I brought cheeseburgers and fries, they had pizza, we toasted "the best dog in the world" and tucked in, all the while giving Max as much as he wanted. I think all told he got one and a half burgers, a small fry and 3 pizza crusts.

We took some pictures and I will post those later.

He was pretty perky, he'd been given a pain pill, the parents said it was the most he'd moved in weeks.

We said our goodbyes and went to our respective homes.

It was a good send off.

PS - Weston was there with his newly perfected crawling skills. He will crawl to you and kind of shimmy up your leg to stand up. He's so cute!

A Day That Will Leave in Infamy

Let me tell you about my Friday morning

My dog was put down. He is now in doggy heaven (all dogs go to heaven you know, screw the church's ideology on the subject) with Daisy and Swat, running through fields of puppy chow and squirrels. Max loved squirrels.

Blew a tire on the highway several miles from home.

My phone died, even though I had full power 2 days ago.

I started walking down the highway, looking for a pay phone.

I hitched a ride with Al and Terri, a nice couple who took me to their office and let me use the phone (there were other people in the office, they didn't kidnap me and turn me into their sex slave, hey, it's happened!)

I had to take a cab to work.

My dad had to come a pick me up and spent a few hours with me and the tire guys. Many thanks to dear dad, always there for me. They didn't have the tires I need. My car is relatively low and wide and needs a certain kind of tire, which apparently all the tire places I've been to in the past couple of years didn't understand, because I have 2-3 different types of tires on my car.

So I need to go back today and get the spare off and 4 new tires put on. I am due and I need to get them before winter.

This was a very stressful day, plus I did the safety presentation at work.I spoke about sun safety. Go Melanoma!

In the relative scheme of life, this was far from my worst day, but it was stress sweat inducing.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yeah, so

My dog is dying. Max is 10. He's had arthritis since he was a puppy, but it's gotten a lot worse lately, he cries from the pain, little doggy tears. He is also going blind and deaf. So my parents have decided to put his out of his misery on Friday.

I am going over on Thursday with many cheeseburgers (his favorite) to be with him one last time and to say good bye.

He probably knows what's going on, he's very smart.

I know it's for the best in some sick way, this is no way for a dog to live, but he is my puppy! We've had him since she was a baby, with his big ol' moose feet, I named him for God's sake (his full name is Maxamillennium, it was 1999, sue me). I don't want him to go.

Jason stayed with me last night after I found out. He is a good man.

Yeah, so that is going well.

I also have a bullet wound from when I went shooting for the first time last week. It's from a casing, so you can stop freaking out Mom. I wasn't told you need to wear higher necked shirts so I wore something summery. I have 4 marks from where a spent casing came out of the gun, landed on my clavicle and stayed there for a few seconds.

But that doesn't much matter, I want my dog. We couldn't try acupuncture or something holistic?

Friday, August 07, 2009

And So Passes Another Year

Brennan would have turned two tomorrow.

Please take a moment out of your day to wish his sweet spirit a very happy birthday.

I miss him so much.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Damnit, I Like Him

I am going on a 5th date tonight.

And G-damnit, I like this boy.

This is a relatively new (recently rediscovered at least) concept and feeling for me. I am actually excited. But also terrified. My past relationships have not been the best. I have not been beaten, but there are some emotional (or lack of emotion) scars). I have a tendency to jump into the physical part before even trying to establish a connection. This has left me unfulfilled and bitter.

I am usually running for the hills at this point.

But no more, I have been cynical about dating for far too long.

Now is a time for change, to live by the heart, instead of the head and other parts of my anatomy.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

He was Smart...He Knew it, I Knew it and He Knew it Some More

So I met up with this guy for coffee. It was somewhat painful. He was "tired" and an "asshole." A killer combination.

Apparently, a week after a trip to Maine, he is still jet-lagged and exhausted from his activities out there. This led to not asking me questions, not appearing engaged at all and the increased awkwardness of this first date, already an awkward situation.

And apparently he is smart.

Since I don't know the details of Magellan's trip around the world, Italian martial arts or about some obscure 19th century dualist, he totally looked down at me.

I couldn't say anything right. At least he couldn't stop correcting me.

He was patronizing too and I hate that.

Kids, it was bad.

I am a smart girl, I have many interests and a lot of self confidence, and this putz made me feel inadequate. What a tool.