Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I am in a frighteningly good mood and I gotta say, I'm awesome.

I’m awesome, awesome, awesome (it bears repeating; because I’m awesome).


Happiness is...

The Beatles said "happiness is a warm gun."

Charlie Brown said "happiness is a warm puppy."

I say, happiness is a cold Slurpee on a warm spring evening

There Were Wolves

So, house sitting went as usual, very well. Puppies were lovely, bird was evil, standard.

One moonless night, however, I was walking the dogs one last time before beddy-bye and there were coyotes or wolves (I am going with wolves) on the golf course next to the house. They just looked at me and my tasty bits of puppy on their leashes. But Tiberius was leash-less. This freaked me out. He's not that fast, bulky yes. Can throw this weight around yes, but not fast. It took me a bit to get him to come in the house. I think he was just regarding these wolves. Scary night.

I had a dream about a cowboy who looked my my second editor in college. It was odd, considering I haven't thought about him in, oh, 4 years. Yeah, my college graduation anniversary is coming up. That's right, Cow College owes me fruit, flowers and appliances.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Must Away

I am house sitting for a few days starting tomorrow. I will be away from my fair city for 4 days (back in the burbs, so far from everything). Thankfully, only 2 of those days are work days. My new office is a bit further from the sittin' house than my last place of employment. I hate getting up. The LLS can attest, she had the job of waking me in the morning for school back in the day. At least the dogs give me an excuse to rise and shine.

Mom, you will be happy to know, I saw a guy at work who is my age. I know you were disappointed when I said there was no one my age at work. Gotta have that potential husband pool, right. He was kinda cute too.

Today, for the first time, I was busy all day. Since one of my bosses was out of town today, I organized his office. I have a key, I'm allowed. Also, he asked me to do it. I love to organize.

Speaking of organizing, I finally alphabetized my CDs. yes, I still have CDs. I refuse to buy an
i pod (although, I kinda want one for the walk to work, one ear phone though, gotta be aware of your surroundings).

I changed out my winter music collection in the BettyMobile in the process too. I change according to the seasons. I have the peppy, warm weather tunes in the car now. As I was discussing with Jo last week, popular music is crap right now. Nothing original, nothing note-worthy (excuse the pun). So I am thinking the CDs will be getting heavy rotation in the player this summer.

Speaking of music, you should all take a listen to Duffy, she's Welsh and awesome.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Start of Strange Days

I was in Peet's getting a coffee, talking to the chick behind the counter about the joy of Friday (course this was the beginning of the day, so what was there to be celebrating, right?) and who should walk in? The Banker. He works around the corner from the coffee house. We are supposedly going to do drinks next week. We shall see. It was wierd though. I saw TG this week too. But that was deliberate, I had to return one of his movies.

Then I went to work. Only 2 of my 4 bosses are actually in town so I have only had 1/2 the work I could be doing. Hopefully that will change. I still like it a lot and I finally got my office supplies. I heard the boxes being delivered to the mail room down the hall. How awesome am I?

On Friday night, I went to an amateur theater thing in town. I gotta say, amateur theater is only good when you know someone in the show and I knew no one. Not even one of the 16 member audience. It was OK, I have seen better and I have seen worse.

I had parked in a nearby garage, as I usually do at night. It's safer and I feel better knowing my car is indoors. I go to leave and pay, and I see all these cars backing up. Turns out this particular garage's credit card acceptor was broken (would have been nice to know that before I parked). So at 9:45, I had to re-park my car, get out, go outside, find an ATM and get some cash for the garage. But since this garage only took exact change (no change would be given anyway), I needed to break my newly acquired twenty. I headed to a local brewery/bar behind a gaggle of very young people, there were 16 in the group. Not being one to wait for children in any sort of way, I walked past them and headed straight for the bar. I ordered a nice light beer and tucked in to enjoy it. Got to scope some cuties in the process.

There is a great freedom in sitting alone at a bar, not waiting for anyone but yourself to finish that drink. Not bothering with anyone else or their opinions. It was great, a real confidence booster.

Today I went to the art museum for an Impressionist exhibit, my favorite art movement. It was very good and I enjoyed it immensely. Then I decided to wander about the rest of the museum (my favorite floors are still closed), but I finally ventured into the Spanish Colonial and South American sections for the first time. The Impressionist exhibit was very crowded, but by some miracle, reasonably quiet. There was the occational burst of conversation however. My favorite being from a woman who said, "I am just sick of all the brush strokes." Isn't that what Impressionism is?

I was one of 4 people on the Spanish floor, including the guard and that was the loudest section of the entire museum. Is it too much to ask that people use their inside voices in an art gallery? I could hear one woman across the floor (it's a big floor), she was so loud. I was trying to enjoy the peaceful solitude of the saints and she's talking about dinner plans . Honestly. Think of others, will ya?

Tomorrow is dinner with the family and maybe a concert in the park.

Monday, April 14, 2008


What is up my people? I am good. Closing in on one week of honest work (except for that part where I stole some office supplies from the wrong cabinet, I gave 'em back though. Completely honest mistake, nearly harangued by an office harpy though. In her mind, I am totally going to that special ring of hell reserved for lawyers, people who take supplies from the wrong closet on their first day and those who talk in theaters).

Anyway, I jumped onto the David McCullough band wagon and am thoroughly immersed in "John Adams." Dave is my hero and because of him, I have added Adams to my list of favorite presidents. It's a list now, fore there are two. Lincoln, my first love and now Adams, my second.

I hate that I am reading such a great book because it is a mini-series, but I don't get to see that mini because I have the crappy cable and I do love history. Besides, it was written 7 years ago. Ample time for it to ruminate on the shelf, waiting my my glorious eye to set upon it and take it home and read in my bare feet and shoulders on the patio. Beautiful weather we've been having, BTW.

So I am talking to me mum tonight and since it has been at least six months since she bugged me about finding a man and populating the Earth, she mentioned a dating website to me. And FREE, no less. I must join now! I have to have a man!! I am nothing without someone to treat me badly!!! Because that is how it's been the last few years and the last few guys I have dated. Insults in the guise of improvement suggestions, emotionally retarded, complete lack of concern or attention to my feelings, valid or not. I don't need it, honestly.

I am happy and reasonably content with my existence right now. I am not looking to date, I do not want to date. If anyone says, "Oh, then, this is when you are going to meet HIM. The man of yo dreams and wishes is going to magically appear now that you are happy with you," I swear to an unholy god that I will do bad things to you. I work for an energy company now. Don't think I won't find a way to shut off your utility.

I am going back to John now. He satisfies me in ways no man can. He being dead and a genius and all.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hooooomeward Bound

My friend Dave is on his way home from Iraq. He is currently in Kuwait, waiting for transport. He is the only person I know over there and blessed be the day, he is coming home safe.

But keep the prayers going too.

Today is a good day.

Monday, April 07, 2008

The Price We Pay

For the past few months, I have been conducting an experiment.

My results are as follows:

Between May 11, 2007 and April 3, 2008, I spent roughly $610.46 on fuel for my car (I am pretty sure I lost a few receipts). Yeah, more than 600 bucks on gas. That is more than I pay in rent on my house each month.

When I started driving, gas prices were 89 cents a gallon. I could fill my tank for less than ten dollars and it was awesome. Now I spend 40 bucks a pop at the pump every other week.

This is one of the reasons I plan to walk to work as much as possible.

Oh, by the way, I start on Wednesday.



I start work on Wednesday. Oh, the joy of getting up early with a purpose. How I have missed it.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


My Grandma broke her arm and this coupled with a twice broken hip, has forced her in the hospital this week. Once she gets released from the hospital, she will have to go into the Nursing Home. So I would like you all to send happy thoughts and healing prayers out into the universe towards my Grandma.

Thank you.

Saturday News

It is a beautiful day here in The Middle. I went for a walk this morning searching for coffee and trying to find a post office in the neighborhood. The post office I Googled is now a design studio so I had to drive to one. I did get to explore my neighborhood though and that was nice. The one bad thing about the walk was an anti-abortion van parked on the street.

Question: Has any one's mind ever been changed (especially on this such matter) by what they see on the side of a van parked in an arts district? Seriously. I know I just kinda quoted John Mayer, but it's a valid point and question.

I passed my background check and drug test so I have to call my new boss tomorrow (I know it will be Sunday but we are a 27/7 team) to discuss my new job (we are in salary negotiations, there was a mis-communique when I originally got the offer and the unconventional way in which I got it).

So that is my day, that and laundry.

OK, that's not quite right. At 3:30, LLS and LLSP invited me to the park to hear some music (which I mostly talked through, probably pissing both of them off) and falafel. Then Jo and I went to a charity fashion show where all of the clothes were made of recycled materials and all the stylists were students. It was pretty cool.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Semi Real World

There is a new season of the "Real World" starting soon. Yes, I know.

I wasn't allowed to watch the "Real World" when I was younger. We had cable periodically throughout my childhood, but I was still denied "MY MTV." Course, being that young, I really didn't care. I cared about the Disney Channel.

As I got older, I did start to care. I became obsessed with all things "Real World." I watched all the re-runs, all the specials. I loved it.

But only the socially conscious, employed seasons. Of the past twenty years, yes it's been on that long, maybe the fist four years were worthy of note and substance. These people had jobs, plans, futures. They thought about things other than where their next drink or piece of ass was going to come from. They weren't looking for their 15 minutes. They weren't arrested on camera or bitch slapping one another in the streets. There were conflicts, yes, but not to the scale and pettiness that they are now.

Now, I haven't watched the show in some years. I think the last time I tuned in was Miami. I watched the entire season on a trip to Utah to see Jeff Carlile, my freshman year boyfriend. Great kisser. Anyway...

They filmed this next season in Hollywood. Saving the commute I guess. Lord, save us all.

Observed Yesterday

In traffic, a man running on the median, holding a cell phone to his ear, finally hailing an ambulance. That ambulance then turned on its siren, crossed the median and the man runs back. I don't know where they were going, a truck blocked my way. Interesting, no?

In an office building downtown, a woman giving an infant Pepsi! Since I am pretty sure they do not make darkly colored formula (which, based on the age of this baby, it should have been drinking), is this not deplorable?

I am currently living the life of an unemployed person without the underlying stress of being an unemployed person. I have a job, I am just waiting to start (they have my drug test and my background information to comb through).

So, today, I have already talked to my hiring manager and I am thinking of walking for coffee (because I've been up since 3:30am) and seeing how long it takes me to get to work on foot as parking is god-awful downtown and costs an arm and a leg. So I am searching out alternate methods of transport. And going a bit more green couldn't do any harm, right?