Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I have been waiting all day to hear Fall Out Boy and at 1:50pm, they finally came on the radio. I got tired of the silence. Silence pisses me off sometimes so I linked up to my favorite radio stations and have been streaming them all day. As much as I could as my computer does not have external speakers so I am listening to the song through my monitor, a ViewSonic, in case you're wondering. I know you're not.

And hello AFI, you lovely makeup wearing, tight white pleather sporting musicians you.

In other news...With Vieve added to the house roster, the mom is happy. She wants to adopt Vieve (she has parents, they live elsewhere) and with 3 people in the house, that means less money her darling daughter (me) has to spend to live. Plus, it will be super fun to live with my friends. I am so used to stranger roommates (college dorms), sisters and boyfriends (never doing that again). I am super excited and this is only exacerbated by the fact that Jo is moving on Saturday. Guess whose helping?


I slept all funny last night and now I am all twisted. Yes, my bed is partially covered in clothes (I keep putting off putting them away), my bed is partially made (I washed the sheets and comforter on different days and apparently, never the two shall meet correctly) and my cat is a bed hog; a fat, furry, mewing bed hog. So I am all twisty and I woke up hot and dehydrated.

Anyway...I hope you all have great days.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ok, we're at 230

Does coffee and graham crackers make a good breakfast...why, yes they do.

The dating is going exceptionally well. We have on the horizon Bachelor #1, Bachelor #2 and Phil (we are doing coffee on Sunday). I like B#2 the best. He is sweet and we can talk for hours. B#1 is a little too aggressive for me. Yes, I like that some of the time, but it's all the time for him and that might grate on me after a while. Anyway, I am seeing B#2 sometime this week. I saw B#1 twice this weekend. The first date didn't go so well and I thought it was over and done with so I was really open and receptive to B#2 (I am usually pretty cautious on this kind of date) and then we went out again. While he is fun, all we do is flirt, not talk. After a while that gets old and you need to be able to have a conversation with someone. I am ready for something more than just flirting and overt sexual innuendo.

And I learned something...If a guy says "I'll call you," he might. As dictated by the rules of GirlWorld, this usually means: you're weird, I never want to see you again, but sometimes, they call.

News: Melanie is getting married! The last time I saw the girl, she was crying and commiserating on the latest break up with this guy and now they are getting married. Which means, Vieve is going to live with Daria and me. It will be like "How to Marry a Millionaire." I have already called dibs in Lauren Bacall's character.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Big, Gold and Naked

Let’s all give a big round of applause to a true lover of the movies, Martin Scorsese. He finally won an Oscar last night (Yes, I got sucked into watching the last half of the most boring televised event in the world).

I thought Peter O’Toole would win for best supporting actor, since he is ancient and only makes a movie every 3-5 years. But no, he will probably only get an honorary Oscar when he is on his deathbed. So sad. But I am glad Alan Arkin won the award. He did some excellent work in “Little Miss Sunshine” so I will not disparage him for winning over O’Toole. Even though he's (O'Toole) been dissed by the Oscar committee his entire life and career.

Also, much love to Jennifer Hudson. She is immensely talented, but her rise to fame has just been too fast and successful (from Idol to Oscar), I fear a fast downturn and a life in obscurity. And Beyonce, gorgeous, talented...needs a hair deely. While she was performing one of 3 Oscar nominated songs (from 1 movie, which I think is a record), she kept having to flip her hair when it got in her face. Quite distracting. Can no one get this girl a clip?

I haven’t seen “Dreamgirls,” “An Inconvenient Truth,” Pan’s Labyrinth,” “The Departed” or “Babel” yet, so I can’t comment on the other big winners/nominees.

The whole affair lasts roughly four hours, four hours! The acceptance speeches were incredibly rehearsed and not spontaneous and no one got attacked Adrian Brody-style on stage, it was no fun. Although Forrest Whitaker cried, that was nice. I think the people who won, deserved it. Except for one chick. She's a producer who has run most of the big studios and is Tom Cruise's best friend. She got an honorary Oscar. And yet O'Toole is empty handed. And so was Orson Wells and so many other great artists never won and this chick gets an award. Yes, she's fabulous for being one of the few female heads of a studio, but, honestly, producers, what do they do? I am sure a lot, but still.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I have a goal for this blog an that is that it will help me in my quest for world domination. Kidding, no really. I want to have 365 posts by the time my one year anniversary rolls around on April 19. So if my posts seem frivolous, it's because I am trying to get 130+ within the next month a a half.

Also, I think I am getting over my cold, either that or the cold pills are really working. I love OTC drugs.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Shallow Part II

Everyone is a little bit shallow, you have to admit it. This is no more evident than when you sign up for an online dating site, as I have. First you see the picture (in my case, cute, big smile, young), then you see the age and location. If you are a better person, you scroll down and actually read. If you are like several of the men who have winked or emailed me, you didn't even bother to do that. You just see cute piece of Denver area lovin' and decided to go no further.

I am guily of this too, but I look and read to see where we match up pointswise.

I state quite clearly that I am not looking for anyone over 30 (you'd be surprised how much a big age difference can strain a relationship, unless your rich and/or plan on breaking into porn, then it doesn't matter, I am neither of these things). I dated a man for 2 years who was 5 years older than me. That was a strain...also the constant lying...and lack of sex...but I digress. I know what I want, I know who I am attracted to.

I have been talking to several people on Match and one on IM (I broke down and gave him my IM name). I keep having to cut our conversations short as I pretty much need to lay down every 20 minutes or so. I have an incredibly bad cold and kinda want to die. When you can feel the synapses in your brain firing off, it's time to get to bed. But I can't afford to, so I am at work trying not to keel over. I had a fever all day Sunday. Send soup.

I am relishing all the attention though, it is nice considering I usually don't get it at the bar, my friends do, the more outgoing, drunk ones.

He Thinks I'm Shallow

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oh, Thursday Night, You Had Me at Hello

I've been emailing a couple of the guys I winked at today. I got some views, mostly by the old and icky. Anyway, it's fun and I'm having a ball. I've said it before, I give good email.

I watched Little Miss Sunshine tonight and I want to dance in a circle with my family at a beauty contest and drive around in a bus. Well, I can see why it's getting so many accolades, it's fantastic.

I am a Winkin' Fool

I love Love, love, love it. I have been winking up a storm. The mens are so cute and just what I am looking for. It's like shopping and finding exactly what you want, but you have to choose which one you want to bring to the register.

V-Day was fun. I went out with the gals. Jen brought her car so we wouldn't be stranded if we wanted to go home early (which we always do and did last night). We were berated for going home early, but some of us have a long commute and enjoy sleep.

Day, I'd like you to meet Night. Night enjoys amaretto sours and shots of Patron. Day enjoys waking me up at the crack of dawn so I can get to work on time in the snow. You won't be friends until coffee is had. After that, best buds!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

V-Day Match

Nothing is better than starting your day with mittens. I found my lost mitten in the car and I wore them today

Happy Valentine's Day, I usually don't consider this a holiday, but I am in such a great mood, I figure, why not - HAPPY V-DAY!

I finally broke down and signed up for I've already been winked at twice. Once by a pretty cute guy and one not so cute guy (his profile said " The main course has arrived and now that you...", Can we all say, ICK!) This give me hope. Also, the mom pretty much called me a ho last night when I told her about the whole thing (although she is helping me pay for my membership). I am not a ho, nor am I a slut. I have been dating for 10 years, I know how it's done. The one time, ONE TIME I slept with a guy on the first date, it turned into a year long relationship. So there. Also, I know not to let people know where I live (no one knows where I live), I know to go to public places with clearly marked exits and multiple escape routes. Please, I know my shit. I may not choose the right guy, but I know where to go.

I supposedly have plans with my girlfriends tonight, but the plan has not been revealed to me so we shall see if anything happens. If nothing does, I have Little Miss Sunshine waiting for me at home.

I hope all is well in your world. Youngest is very sick, ear infection (bad cold and a lot a hormonally induced sleep is apparently a bad combination). My Nephnie is now more drugged than a rock star.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Future Presidents

I refuse to vote for a man named after a piece of sporting equipment.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The One with All the Links

I know, I know. I was held hostage by green ninjas (the thing I call my desire to sit on my couch and let my mind go numb in front of the television). Anyway, this is going to me a long one so let me start with the links.

I was searching through My Space (I know, I felt dirty when I first got on it, like I was betraying Blogger, but I’m addicted now. I’ve found so many people. I haven’t contacted many, but I found ‘em). Anyway, this is a memorial page for a guy I knew in high school. Justin was the sweetest person I have ever met. He was always so kind to me even when the guy I was dating (his friend) wasn’t. He was a good man.

I watched this episode of My Unique Family on TLC (Yes, I was that desperate, sue me). How can you do this to your spouse? Maybe it’s because I have never really been in a relationship where I was completely in love with the person they were inside. And, yes, I understand the desire to want your partner to be happy with who they are, but still. He’s cutting off his balls now (he/she had the operation in the episode), but when is he going to cut off his cock? Sex is important, and when that’s gone, how long is it before the marriage ends and everyone is miserable. And their kids…those poor kids. How fucked up are they going to be?

I was listening to the radio on my way into work and the DJ was talking about this survey. I have way too many clothes as it is and I like sex way too much to give it up for a couple of shirts and a pair of pants. I can only give it up for a few months before I crave the contact. I certainly wouldn’t last 15 months and wouldn’t care to.

I was passing by our new neighbors office and it smelled just like every guys’ dorm in college – sweat, pot, cologne and the heat was on way too high. It really took me back.

I went to a Super Bowl party on Sunday last. Super fun. I ate way too much . We bet on most elements of the game, tequila was had, tequila is my friend. I love tequila. I want to marry tequila.

At this party, with the tequila, I had the urge to booty call Matt (that’s what happens when I drink). Since I promised myself to never sleep with him again, I had to text my sponsor, Travis. I was told not to call him, because I had a crush on him and he’s getting married and that would be slaggish. I called anyway, he didn’t call back. Probably a good thing, I had a dream he left his fiancée for me.

Don’t take this the wrong (i.e. dirty) way, but I licked the most disgusting envelope last week. I do the mail, I taste a lot of envelopes and this was the worst one I have ever tasted.

I would just like to say once again that my company’s lawyer is a tool. He spent a good chunk of last week on the phone with an insurance company whom he cursed and hung up on about three times. Mature? Oh, yeah.

Potato eyes look like those STD slides they use to scare you into not having sex. It’s like Scared Straight for your libido. You remember those. Those 20-30 year old slides you started hearing about the year before...the Coral Reef. I still remember that one.

Question: Is it wrong to just want to sit and eat cheese all day?

I was talking with Jo about crying over men. I came to the realization that I have never cried over a significant BF, only the minor ones. Maybe it’s because the significant ones give you the time to live with their faults, analyze them and let you make the decision to leave. The insignificant ones are mostly about hope and you put a lot into that hope and when it’s dashed, the dam breaks and you cry. I don’t cry that often. Except at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition…and the occasional country song...and when I found out Justin died.

That’s all for now. Check out my My Space page, search for BettyLou. Also, I have a picture of the Nephnie on there. Well, I will when I figure out how to upload it.

Sunday, February 04, 2007



Starring Jude Law, Clive Owen, Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman.

How interesting deceit can be.

Disarmingly truthful and vulgarly beautiful.