Thursday, August 30, 2007

Twinkle Toes

The title of this post made me think of a pet name my dad has for my mom: Puppy Toes, don't ask, I don't.

Anyway, I was watching "Great Performances" last night and they were showing "Nureyev: The Russian Years." I had never seen Rudolf Nureyev dance. It's mesmerizing. I highly recommend going to YouTube and looking up some of his stuff. Especially the PPDs with Margot Fonteyn or his work in Le Corsair. The man is a god.

Too bad he's dead...AIDS...1993

Am I Wrong

Do you think it's wrong that I have a date tonight? Four days after MA and I broke up? I don't know. We kind of fell into the dating grey area when we realized we were just meant to be friends but got a little confused along the way.

The Attorney and I are going to a football game. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but the tickets were free from my boss so I have to go (and since Jo dropped out) it's date time.

At least it's more interesting than the standard coffee and conversation date.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cable is EVIL

I love TV. It helps me relax after a long day. There are only 2 companies that service my city, Comcast and Qwest. I have Comcast which charges me $60/mo for Spanish and Spiritual channels. I get maybe 10 channels I can actually watch, the rest are in a different language or are drek. What is a girl to do? Call other companies and see if they can get me a better deal? Yes...


Qwest doesn't have service in my area, neither does Roadrunner. Evil Comcast has a monopoly on my neighborhood.

This sucks.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, MA (real name Brian) and I broke up last night. It had been coming for awhile. He's a great guy, just not the one for me. Feelings that were supposed to be there after a certain amount of time weren't so we ended it.

We are going to try and stay friends (I need to at least sample the beer I helped make at his place).

Break-up gifts...yes please!

He also owes me a part from my bread-maker that he threw away.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Tell Me Why

I get a lot of phone calls during the day. I'm a secretary, that's my job. But I have noticed an alarming trend in my daily calls. People are calling in if they see a missed call on their phones, with our number and calling me with "I just got a call from this number" (the underlying tone here is: "find my caller, bitch") and acting like it's my fault that I have to go around to everyone in the office to find the caller.

Word of advice: If there was no message, don't call back. It's a hassle for you and me.

Sometimes I feel like this may be their only means of contact with other people, and I feel bad for them. And then I realize they are jerks and there is a reason they have no other contact with humans.

Get a life, get a clue, don't call back.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm Going to Disneyland

Well, no, I'm not, but the LLS is there. I called to ask her a question about my upcoming visit (14 days!) and she calls me back saying she's at Disneyland. I want to go, I love Disneyland.

Anyway, Vieve and Jo and I went and saw Hairspray last night. So much fun. Those kids, you have no idea, they have so much talent. I love a good musical.

I was so jazzed when I got home, which, BTW, took 7 minutes.

Also, it's Gene Kelly's birthday.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

For Me to Poop On

My nephew is the cutest little person nugget in the world. I say that unabashedly and without remorse, because he is. No matter what anyone else says, it's true and when I post pics of him later, you will agree. I couldn't stop holding him or kissing his little, sweet smelling head.

And I know he loves me because whenever I picked him up, he pooped. That's love people. LOVE!

The funk is mildly abated.

My mom thinks I should have one now (I hope she was joking). I thought with LLS married and Youngest having had her baby, I would be off the hook for a while, at least on the "get married have babies" front.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Le Funk

The funk has returned. I am hoping this mild depressive episode won't last long as it is currently coupled with several stressful things in my life.

I am seeing the Nugget on Sunday, so maybe I will be better then. Cause who can resist the Nugget, the cutest baby in all the world, newly discharged from the hospital and de-jaundiced.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


I think I am OD-ing on salad. Salad and homemade, wheat flat bread (ah, gluten), made by small Russian women. This is the only way I ever want to OD, fore it was worth it. If I am dead tomorrow, kids everywhere can use me as an excuse because, yes, "someone did die from eating salad." Good luck kids, whine until you are blue, with my blessing.

Poor Baby

The Nugget is in the hospital. He is jaundiced and not eating and generally lethargic. Something is wrong with his little bitty liver. He has been in the hospital all week and should be coming home today. My mother told me all this last night after I picked up MA.

I am going to go see him on Sunday I think. I haven't seen home since he was born.

Poor little Nugget.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I leave for California in 22 days. I get two days off from work, I get to see my sister and I get to eat real, fresh sea food. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing "bad" about the seafood we get here in the Middle, but it's just not the same and something you know was caught that day or even that week.

And I will be in San Francisco, yes, "San Francisco! City of gleaming spires, people live here... Golden Gate Bridge, ahh the Romans came here, they built buildings with things." And no one will get that until I am ruler of the world and force you all to watch Eddie Izzard concert DVDs on a regular basis. Which will make your lives more complete and therefore my world domination will be a happy thing, HA!

I am very excited. I get to meet the LLS's partner, I get to eat really good food and I get to go to Hot Cookie and nosh on naughtily shaped macaroons and normally shaped white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. They are heaven and will be part of the food pyramid under the Betty Lou regime. Prepare yourselves.

Fresh Meat (in More Ways Than One)

We hired 2 new employees this week. A regional manager and a PR person. Both very nice, professional ladies (we rarely hire men here. 3/4 of the principals are male and one accountant is, but that's it). Anyway, I was talking to the PR manager about local places to eat around the office and she's going over the menus that I have on my desk and she asks: "Do you want to order a sammach?" And she said it that way at least 2 more times so I don't think she was joking. SAMMACH!! She's at least 35 and should so know better. I just thought I would let you all know about her because she is part of the reason why the world thinks we are dumb. That and rap music. And our low test scores in math.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oh, That World of Ours

I love the society we live in. Here's why.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Car Wreck with Music

I watched the World Music Awards last night. It was like a bad car accident. I couldn't look away.

Apparently all world music sounds the same.

And is about 7 years behind the US in style and taste.

Also, they still love Michael Jackson, cause apparently 2 molestation trials can't deflate the love for the King of Pop.

I also watched "Top Model." It was a bad night, television wise.


Against what? Evil ice? This is pathetic. They are vowing to "defend" (no people on it, can't really defend ice, now can you) a seemingly useless hunk of land because of perceived deposits of oil. Can they drill it? Probably not, or they would have long ago. Are they willing to fight and die for it? You betcha. Because that is what our world has come to. They are fighting over something they can't attain. Wait, we do that all the time. Our world, I tell you...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


My state's motto kinda bites. In fact, all the state's mottos kinda bite.

We've Been Aunted...18 Days Early!

Brennan Thomas (Thomas is a family name on his daddy's side) was born on 08/08/07 (8 is a lucky number in China, he is 1/4 Chinese) at 12:25am. He weighted 6 pounds, 10 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. Ten finger, ten toes.

He is gorgeous and perfect. He is the best of both our families. He has his daddy's dark hair and his mama's aversion to light when he is woken up.

Youngest makes good baby, let me tell you.

She also "did really well" according to her South African nurse, Karen. She was pushing for less than 2 hours.

Here he is looking at his mama.

Congratulations to Carol, Tom, Marguerite, Bob, Kelly, Krystal, LLS, me and the entire extended now-blended family.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

5 is the Number

Youngest is 5 cm dilated.

All three of us were 2 days late and the Nugget seems to be on the early path so this is new for the family.

I will be an auntie very soon. The cool auntie, the fun auntie who gives him sugar and rated R movies and gives him back to his mother.


"Venus" on a Half Shell - That Smells Like Death

I watched "Venus" last night, starring Peter O'Toole, who is 75 and looks 95. The English do not age well. And yet I can only see him as "Lawrence of Arabia."

The movie had some fine moments, but for the most part everyone just seemed pathetic. Scared and pathetic.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Many Scary Things

So I got home from the concert last night where I was surrounded by the wall of Dad (my dad directly behind me and my mom's boss who has known me since I was 13 next to him), and the back door is open and so is my bedroom door (to get some air flowing through).

There is no cat.

Not under the bed, not in the closet.

She's not mewing back when i mew-call her.

My heart starts racing, my head is swimming with thoughts of road kill and never seeing my baby again.

I go outside to survey the situation. And I hear the tiniest mew. She is under some furniture we have out there. I grab her, put her on the washer (she's mewing and purring in my arms, she missed me and was scared) and close and lock the back door.

Roomie apologizes for not checking to see of my door was open when she left the back door ajar.

I had my kitty in my arms or at my feet all night. It was a scary moment.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pool Party

I shot the best games of pool last night. We had tickets for the comedy club, but they over sold and not ones to throw in the towel on a perfectly good, albeit rainy Wednesday, we found another place to hang out in and have fun. We went to a local bar that makes their own beer and root beer and played pool. We rotated the teams through 4 games. I shot so well...Dude, it was amazing.

First it was me and Beth (girl from the boy's pool league, very cool chick) against the boys and we lost that game, but only in the end. Then it was me and MA, against Beth and Jamie (MA's heterosexual life mate). Then it was Jamie and me against Beth and MA, then back to me and Beth. At one point I sunk three in a row. In the final game, I sunk our last ball and then went for the 8, WHICH I CALLED, SANK AND CURVED THE CUE TO THE LEFT (I have a tendency to sink the cue on 8 ball shots) . You should have seen the look on MA's face, priceless. A lovely combination of shock and awe. It was fabulous. It was very much fun.

Tonight I am going to see a friend's band. It's been a busy week and I like that.

They're Getting Very Lax Over There

I got my move out invoice in the mail today. I am getting my deposit back plus something called credits, 84 dollars worth.

Seriously, I destroyed that place. The carpet is torn up in a corner and by the bedroom door (thanks to a very codependent cat with abandonment anxiety issues). Parts of the carpet are stained (apple juice, though I attempted to clean this up, it took an entire bottle of carpet foam and I still didn’t get it all). The oven is only semi clean (I was so not going to wait around for 2 hours while that stuff set in, I had a movie to go to with Vieve).

But I should not get that money back. Happy I am (cause I’m po, can’t even afford the O and the R, PO!), but still don’t deserve it. The same thing happens in the dorm.

They tell you all these horror stories about what people have had to pay for putting some kind of hole in the wall (monumental fees and a lashing were involved). So you buy the putty adhesive and pull down sticky hooks and you go about your merry way (I am convinced the schools have a deal with 3M or Duck so that they have a monopoly on dorm room adhesives. Evil huh?). And when it comes time to move you out, the RAs look around, make sure you aren’t hiding a dead body under you standard extra long dorm bed, pronounce you good to go and you go home for summer break and the menial job that entails.

I kind of expected more from the apartment complex. But I am sure they have seen worse. Hell, I’ve read about worse in our property files. Garbage everywhere, bugs, feces on the walls. Terrible.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I went to a Harry Potter book club last night. I thought I was a fan...apparently, I was dead wrong. These women were on their second re-reads (i am only 215 pages in, I just moved, I have a job and a BF, sue me). They had Hogwarts engraved silverware. Thy probably named their children after characters. It was scary for about a minute. But it was fun to laugh and talk about the book with some real readers.

We even had cake for Harry, Neville and J.K. Rowling's birthday days.

I won a calendar and a puzzle in the raffle too. Dorks have the best prizes.

They need to get lives, but I won't hold that against them.