Friday, April 28, 2006


Well, it's Friday once again. And I am sugar buzzing like you wouldn't believe. I am off caffeine, but on sugar (Rice Krispie treats and later on a Dr. Pepper). I like to keep my vices at a healthy level. Since I don't do drugs, although I will smoke ciggies tonight when I am out with the girls. Bad habit, I know. Anyway, no drugs, rarely drink to excess, don't go whoring around. I think sugar and movies are a nice substitute (last night was another Stewart Ganger/Deborah Kerr night "King Solomon's Mines," very fun).

Yes, I am going out tonight, in the rain, to celebrate 2 birthdays. My friends Jessica and Kate had birthdays this week so we are all going out to drink cocktails, act silly and hopefully meet cute boys. I am not going to drink a lot tonight, I am going to have maybe 2 and then drink water. I am such a cheap date that this will be fine. I just don't want to get drunk and make a fool of myself. It's happened before. Remember the Russian?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Marriage Debacle

For several years, I told my mother and father that I would never marry or give them grandchildren. Much to their consternation, because they "just want to see me happy" (i.e. paired off). But recently, I told them that I did plan to marry and procreate at some point, and they have been trying to set me up ever since, which I appreciate, even when my sisters get involved. All selections have been rejected thus far (felons, smokers, bad teeth, social miscreants). They just don't know me at all and they freakin' raised me. My mom says I am too picky. I say I am selective. If I am going to spend time with this person, I want to like them for who and what they are and not have to worry if he is going to steal my couch or stink up my house. My parent's neighbor says I am a classy lady and that no one is worthy of me. He is my favorite neighbor and is named Neighbor Tim.

Anyway, being selective has its drawbacks. I also stopped asking people out (which has cut my dating quantity, so that experiment is over, NOW). I wanted them to come to me, to desire me. I was sick of doing all the work. So this means I am single and have not had a date since November last. A Russian man, perfectly nice and perfectly boring. All he talked about was Communism and ninjas. Never make a date when you are drunk, it never works out.

I want a guy who is nice and quirky, I like quirky. I am quirky. I really like to say quirky. Someone who is smart and thoughtful and is not fucked up. Smokers need not apply. I don't want the guy who isn't honest, who is cowardly, I abhor cowards.

We shall now recount the not so great relationships of Lizzy, names will not be listed:

There are too many to go through, but I will say I am friends with one of them.It's a sad state of affairs, my affairs. Damn, I sound pathetic, but I'm not and I am not bitter either. I am happy, I have friends, I have a cat and I have HOPE.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I So Totally Rule

Someone other than a co-worker or family member visited my blog and that is very cool. My plan for world domination is slowly coming to pass. Bwahaha

Thank you Scott for visiting and making a comment, you rock my socks.

The rest of you will come around. Bwahaha

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ode to the Rice Krispie Treat

I made Rice Krispie Treats this weekend and just finished off the last one. They truly are the greatest food ever. Small, compact, generally not too crumbly. They are sweet and they are cereal so you don't have to feel bad eating them for breakfast. Which I have done the last 2 days. Greatest. Food. Ever. If someone ever made them for me, I think I could love them forever.

You always forget how good they are until you make them and then they are spectacular, especially when they are still warm and kinda gooey. I follow the recipe on the marshmallow bag, but I cut it in half. I have small cookware.

Rice Krispie treat, oh Rice Krispie treat
You tasty, filling, wonderful little eat
I cannot ignore you, I can not run away
I must take you every where, so we can play
You keep me keep me from getting tired
Oh you keep me so completely wired!
I must resist you, please understand that
If I just continue to adore you, I'll only get fat.

~by Scott Spencer

Ok, so I didn't write it but it's cute and everyone needs a little poetry in their life especially when it's about the best snack ever.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Bite me Monday

Weekends really are far too short. I have been campaigning for several years to get the work week shortened and the weekend extended. Equal portions of 3 days and you alternate another random day. I think it's ingenious, but so far I do not have a following. Starting a revolution is tough, I don't know how other people do it.

I went to the park on Saturday. It was very fun when I finally found my party. I walked all the way around that park, which I am told is at least 3 miles around trying to find these people, which I did after calling my friend Daria, who had party leader Jess's phone number, about 3 times. I even called other people to ask if they wanted to join me if I couldn't find them. But they didn't pick up and I found my friends so it was a good afternoon. I didn't play volleyball or lacrosse so I looked like a total stick-in-the-mud. I kind of stick to myself if no one invites me into a conversation or a game I can't play well. It seems snotty to some, but I just don't want to embarrass myself. It's silly, I know, I'm 24, I should be over this shit. But I'm not.

The one person who did call me back on Saturday, Best Non-Boyfriend Boyfriend Matt did show up and then we went for Mexican food and drinking Trivial Pursuit. Which is the best drinking game really, because you have to count and think while drinking so it's fun. I lost.

I am so sleepy right now too.

Friday, April 21, 2006

FRIDAY, Part 2

I have been at work for a grand total of 1.5 hours, thanks to doctor's appointments and a send off lunch for a friend here at work. She is not leaving the company, just moving into another department within good ol' TSA.

Anyway, I keep getting calls from my Alumni Association, which I have been avoiding like the plague that they are. These well meaning freshman who are forced into this drudgery are trying to illicit money from me. That is all very well and good since I thoroughly enjoyed my university experience at UNC Greeley. However, I graduated 2 years ago and while I am making money, I have bills to pay, including a somewhat large one to said university. Why can't they be happy with the money the bank gave them while I was there. My specific school (journalism, can you tell) has an endowment that keeps them afloat. How do I know where this donation is going? It could go to one of our abysmal athletic teams or to an some kind of useless "class." I personally do not consider bowling a class (it's classified as gym, go fig). I would like an itemized list of where all my money went to while I was in school. I am sure some of it went to some of the great professors that I had, but if any of it went to the useless grad students who just rolled through the Power Point or couldn't answer a single Bio question, I want a refund.

I had some great teachers in Greeley. They were kind, they were brilliant, they knew everything. And I also had a Nazi (didn't stay in her class), someone who looked like a pedophile (didn't stay there either) and the worst of all: The Troll. He was small, cruel and belittling. He was cold hearted and condescending. If you met him, you would know why. You can criticize without being mean, it is possible, but he couldn't. Just not a good person, I pity his cat.


Today is Friday, yea! I am at work, boo! Oh well, I plan to make the most of my hopefully short day. I watched a great movie last night on TCM, "Young Bess," about Queen Elizabeth I as a young woman. QEI is my favorite monarch. Not many people actually have a favorite monarch, especially non-Europeans as America has never has had a monarch per say (except when you count that time before 1776-9). Anyway, the movie starred a young Deborah Kerr and Jean Simmons, who I love, she is just so cute yet strong on film. She starred with her husband at the time Stewart Granger, who I must say has an incredible voice. I am big on the voice. It was deep and soft and very romantic (Robert Evans also has a great voice). He was way too tan to play an Englishman, even though he is actually English. But hey, Hollywood never was for accuracy, it's for entertainment. Well, Simmons played Bess very strong, but quiet. It was a great movie. Charles Loughton played Henry VIII as insane with power who could change his mind about the fate of someone on a dime. Such a great character actor. The movie glossed over 3 kings and queens (Edward, Jane Grey, Mary), I guess for continuity purposes. I will have to add it to my collection anyway.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Yes, I have a gay sibling (We will call her B). I love her no less than when she was straight. If anything, I love and like her more because she is being true to herself and is way happier. She was a royal pain in the ass when she was in the closet. The thing is, I kind of always knew she was gay. The men she dated were never quite right, in the head and otherwise. My parent's reaction to her coming out, BTW was: "Oh, honey, we know." I have the coolest parents ever.

I have gone to PRIDE (big parade, festival-type thingy downtown) in B's stead (she had school that weekend). I would have gone anyway, it's fun. Lots of happy little families roaming the booths, PFLAG moms handing out trail mix. I bought some buttons, and a window hang for B for Christmas. There were a grand total of 4 protesters, but they couldn't be heard over the din.

B is slowly coming out to the fam. My dad's parents know, most of the cousins too. My mom's parents are older and very Christian so she is waiting on telling them, if she ever does, we think it might kill one or both of them.

She lives in San Francisco, with "her people" as I like to call them. She even has a gay-friendly church (called the "celebration") she goes to, which is freaky because she never went to church back home (Catholics are an oppressive bunch if you meet the wrong ones). She has a group of gay boyfriends that she hangs out with too, so she has a support system away from home.

No one has ever given me flak for having a gay sibling and I live in a red state. So much for labels, huh?


For the past year or so, my sisters, bless them, have made it a point to talk about their boyfriends or girlfriends (one of my sisters is gay) incessantly. And also to point out that I am the only single person in the family. It is sweet the first time but after that you really just want to tell 'em to shut it. Well, last month, the lesbian and her girl broke up and she is moving out. And this past weekend the youngest one broke up with her boy. I am not one to gloat, but, HA! I am used to being single, they are not and have to start all over now. That is sad, but I think this is the universe's retribution for them making me feel crappy for so long. Being reminded that you are single at Christmas is no fun, so thank you universe for this. It is much appreciated.

Easter Trivia

Last week was Easter and since my family has let its religiosity lapse, we basically just eat a lot and have a good time with EASTER TRIVIA. This is a little game my mother invented or copied from someone, I don't know, I just know that I win almost every year. It doesn't help that in previous years, I wrote most of the questions or that this year I won by 5 and that is how many questions I wrote this year. The one change to this year's game was that in previous years, cash was involved and this year it was chocolate, which I will never refuse so it was a good game. My questions involved the British royal family, New Zealand Rugby Sevens, Joan of Arc and the pope that canonized her and the Canadian parliament. I am very random and so is Wikipedia so we are good friends. My youngest sister's questions all involved WWI, because that is what she just got finished studying at school, I got those right too. Seriously, the American educational system is incredibly redundant. I studied that stuff in middle school, high school and since I took European histories in college, not there, but she is in college so I am sure this is a repeat for her. She could be learning so much more. Anyway, Easter Trivia. Get a question right, get a chocolate Kiss, get it wrong, give one to the judge, you can pass too. But as I am a smarty, I got a lot of questions right, had the most Kisses at the end and therefore, was bestowed the GRAND PRIZE: one of those 5 in 1 gift cards to several different restaurants. Which rules because I have taken a vow of poverty and am not spending money for a month except on groceries, bills and rent. And since I am also incredibly lazy sometimes, a gift card for premade meals is a God-send.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Weather

Having lived on both sides and in the middle, I have been privy to a wide assortment of climates. Currently, I live in Denver where our motto is: "If you don't like the weather, await 15 minutes." and it's true, except today and yesterday. Starting 2 weeks ago, the weather suddenly got hot, and I mean hot; we set a record. It was glorious. I don't care what they say, but I will like this global warming thing if it means an earlier summer. But yesterday and today, it is windy and chilly, sunny, but chilly, clear blue skies, but chilly. I do not like the cold. It does not suit me, I want my 85 degree days back.

Cold and I are not friends. We do not hang in the same cliques. As a matter of fact, we hate each other. I think it has something to do with the fact that I didn't have to buy a winter coat until I was 9. Now I have several and I troop them out every year when the weather changes. But it has been what seems like an incredibly long winter and I am ready for some fun in the sun. I know what you are saying..."They don't have fun in the sun in Colorado", "it snows there all the time," "they wear parkas all year long." And to that I say, no sir, you are wrong. We have beautiful weather here for about 5 months out of the year when it does not snow. We have a national park where you can see the wildflowers glow and the elk graze. We have city parks to stroll through and enjoy the sunshine.
And we were given a small taste of what we will see in the coming months and then it was taken away, like a mean sibling who gives you a toy and once you grow to love it, takes it away. Nature's cruelty abounds. I only live in hope (and I have confirmation from the Weather Channel) that it will get better and warmer soon.


Welcome to my blog. I do not lead an exciting life, but I like it and I hope you will too. I tried setting this up last night, but just couldn't get it right, so here we are at Blog 2.0.
I think I will start by telling you about myself. I am the epitome of the cliched single gal, I live in a nice little apartment with too many shoes and a cat. A very lovable cat who loves only me.

I grew up with two parents who I simply adore and two sisters who I love with all my heart, they are all a little crazy, but it's a fun crazy.

I have a very small group of close friends who I try to see as much as possible, but since all of us work, or go to school or are in different states, it's a little hard sometimes, by hey, that is why email is a miracle of our time, right?

I have lived on both coasts of the US and currently reside somewhere in the middle and honestly, I need an ocean. Being landlocked is mildly claustrophobic.

I work in advertising, not as exciting as it sounds, I work in the marketing and instock part of it. I like it. I also freelance write on the side for some local newspapers. I love to write, and I am working on a novel, it is incredibly slow going, but I am trying.