Thursday, January 31, 2008

Update on Life

Many things dear sweet readers. Many things:

I got fired on Friday, but am taking no time to grieve (I hated that job anyway, or is that just a rationalization for my broken heart and psyche? Deep man, deep). I took Monday to do nothing but clean my house. I spent Tuesday at Kinko's working on my resume. Wednesday and today at employment agencies and telling the Mom. Very supportive my mama is.

Do you know how annoying it can get to answer the same questions over and over. I should just make a video of my skills (not those skills, perverts!) and make them watch it instead of all these tests and interviews.

Heterosexual Life-Mate JoAnna, soon to be unemployed as well and I commiserated on Friday with food and wine. We drank 2 bottles of wine between us and watched "Happy Feet." We both passed out afterward and I spent the night there on her couch. That is what friends are for.

Since TG has his own place now, a better TV than me and a better DVD collection, I have been spending a lot of time over there. Tres nice. Last night we watched "Stardust" (from my Netflix people). Which is a very sweet movie, highly recommended. I am getting "Across the Universe" next.

So, maybe not many things, but big things.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Youngest and Mom are most likely going into therapy (see previous post).

Off the subject of horribleness, I went to my first rodeo on Wednesday. You have not lived until you have seen grown men trying to hold onto a horse or bull while it is trying to kick it off (picture big tall man on gigantic horse or bull, these are multi-ton animals, people). They are like rag dolls up there.

And let me preface the next part with: I come from a family where we hold wiener dog races at family reunions.

Two Words: Mutton Bustin' Well, one and a half words really because "in' " does not make a whole word. Anyway...awesome! The winner was 5 and super cute, course they all got huge trophies from the real cowboys, they looked so proud.

When I have children, they will participate in this activity. I have always wanted sheep, now I have an excuse to get some.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Dark Days

I am laden with a heavy heart as I write this. My sweet, little Nugget passed away last Sunday night. It has been a tough week for everyone, but the outpouring of love and support has been tremendous.

Here is how the week went:

Monday: Mom, Dad and Sue (person I house-sit for) came to my office to tell me what happened. I knew something was wrong because Mom looked like she was had just/going to cry and they never bring Sue to the office. I lost it completely. I went to M&D's house to be with them. TG came later and held me.

Tuesday: Went to be with Youngest. Cleaned her house and just laid in bed with her.

Wednesday: Went back to work, though I had a temp at the front so I could wallow in the back room.

Thursday: More work, explanations at work of what happened, which I am cutting everyone off from. He is gone, you don't need to know how and I don't understand why. Went back to M&D's house that night. Grandparents, aunts, uncle, cousin, sister in town now.

Friday: The viewing, horrid, absolutely horrid. JoAnna came to to be with me and held me up as I went to go see our baby. He didn't look like himself so I could only get within 3 feet of the casket (LLS put a picture of the aunties and Brennie in the casket). I want to remember him as soft and laughing so that is what I am going to do.

Saturday: Funeral, which was beautiful but very sad. There were over 200 people there to show their love for our families. I couldn't stop crying.

He never knew a day without love, or hugs or footie pajamas and for that I am grateful. He will always be in our hearts and thoughts.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Cruelest Parents of them All

Other than the ones who throw their children off of bridges and starve and budgeon them to death (see CNN today).

I was mailing out some letter for the lawyer at work (ass!) and i had to address one to a person named Ptarmigan. Yes as is the state bird of Alaska.

How cruel is that? How did that childhood go? I am almost afraid to ask.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


OK, this is Jane Eyre induced so excuse my wistful Gothic-ness.

Six years ago, a man said he loved me.

This proved to be entirely untrue.

Two months ago, another man said it.

The first instance since the time six years ago.

He said it with tenderness and has made it clear through his actions that he does love me and I him.

What is the point of this message. Nothing really. As I said, it's Jane Eyre induced.

Now he just needs to go blind in a fire and I need to become rich.

Friday, January 04, 2008

2008 Election

It's finally here!

Course, I don't like the look of some of these candidates. Huckabee looks rat-like.

I never liked Hillary. Can't trust a woman who sticks by a cheating man. Who knows what else she will abide. Yes, I do realize the political nature of their relationship and the reasons she stayed, but still.

I don't know enough about Obama to say much about him. But I know my country and I don't think he will be elected.

Big Girl Floss

My entire life has been an exercise in good oral care. The Mom has worked for dentists her entire career, therefore I have reaped the benefits of free toothbrushes and every 6 months checkups. I have yet to have a cavity in my 26 years of existence, so Thanks Mama.

Anyway...even with this limitless accessibility to oral hygiene products, I don't floss. Except when I have something in my teeth. I don't like to do it. Mom, on the other had, does it compulsively. Usually on the couch while watching TV. Don't come over to the house unannounced, you may see floss on the arm of the sofa. Used floss.

I used to tie the neighborhood boys up with floss, so you can see my lack of respect for the stuff.

But that was when I was a kid and all I was allowed were the little plastic or tiny metal floss dispensers. M&D had the grown-up floss dispenser, it was tall and oh so adult.

Well, guess what I got this Christmas? BIG GIRL FLOSS, in the tall dispenser.

Yup, I am an adult in the eyes of the tooth world and I have the floss to prove it.

Still not gonna floss unless I have too though.

New Year Update

There are many things that must be discussed. First of all, I hope you all had a great new year, I know I did.

The gang, of which I am a very new member, but who welcomed with open arms when I started dating TG (mostly, I think because they really needed another girl to join since Colleen was the only one), got all dressed up in our sparkly dresses and snazzy suits and hit the town. First it was dinner at Thai Basil and then drinks and dancing at The Jet Hotel, this very swanking establishment downtown. There was supposed to a some sort of James Bond themed party there, but can you really consider a few JB posters on the walls and some incredibly bitchy waitresses to be a theme? Not really, but it was fun nonetheless. Many drinks later we walked, some were carried, to the train. Which, while waiting for, TG and I got a little cozy since it was THREE DEGREES OUTSIDE!

There was a boy, yes boy, he was 21, on the train who was so obnoxious, loud and drunk that I thought at least 5 people would lay the beat down on him. He kept egging them on with, "I'm 21 tonight, c'mon, hit me, I can't feel a thing." Thankfully, we got off the train before someone took him up on his offer.

At this point, I must mention that my feet are swollen so much that I can't walk. They had to bring the car around to me, I have great friends.

Also, since it was THREE DEGREES OUTSIDE! when TG and I got back to my house, our legs were like blocks of ice, at least he got to wear pants. I was in my new sparkly dress, legs and neck exposed (all pinned up and twisty, the hair, not the legs). I got a lot of compliments on that dress though.

We got our requisite 8 hours of sleep, which I supplemented with an additional 5 hours later that day, all while pissing off the Mom. I was supposed to go back home and have dinner, but Chez M&D seemed so far away, especially with my wonderful bed just beckoning me back in.

So he's been tired all week, and I have been a chipper little chipmunk. Course, I live on caffeine and sunshine.

It was a wonderful night, spent way too much money, but that is what you do on New Year's Eve...