Friday, June 29, 2007

Away, Away, Away

I am going away some weekend in the near future. Where you ask? The mountains, to a resort. With whom, you ask? Mr. Amazing. Why, you ask? To get away and just be. To sit in a hot tub and snuggle. Lots of things too graphic to share with your virgin ears, eyes and computers.

I must be getting old

When my boss asked me if I would rather leave early or get over time (I clocked about 45 minutes of extra time this week), I said, "Overtime!"



Things continue to go swimmingly with Mr. Amazing. I met his father last night for dinner. It was a good meeting as most of them are. Parents love me.

Then we stayed at Dave and Busters and played games. Since Mr. A used to work there, he knows all the ins and outs, so we scored mucho de ticketo and he won me a bear. No one has ever won me anything at a carnival (or in a carnival like setting), except my mom, she rules all basketball games.

Speaking of my mum, I need to talk about something. I know she means well and loves me more than anything (I am the favorite), but I need to say something. Basically, my mommy thinks I'm a whore. I have been with far fewer people than most, but still, I am Magdalen-esque in her eyes (although, it has been proven that Mary Magdalen was not a prostitute, early church fathers needed to demonize a strong person, so who do they pick: the woman!)

Anyway, if I talk (she has always encouraged an open dialog) to mummsie about such things as the incredible happiness I am feeling now and in the presence of Mr. A (who is wonderful), I get a look. You know that look, the stop fooling around and give me grandchildren, your sisters are already married and having kids and they are younger than you, speed it up, bitch.

And I know I am going to catch flack for this post, just like i did for the one where I called her a bitch. I don't care, it needs to be said.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Damn Bike to Work Day

And damn Mayor Hickenlooper. He's a bike person so he was on the news talking about his bike that he's had for 30 years and when the mayor does something here, apparently, we all do it. Or they do, cause mine is a 30 mile daily commute, so screw that.

Anyway, my story. Immature bikers are morons. they think just because it's a road, they should bike on it. Not near-highways. These are basic things that you learn in Bicycle Safety Camp.

Again anyway. Traffic was a bitch this morning cause a biker got hit or something, I don't know, I am simply assuming. I was in the back of the jam before I skirted off to a side street and hightailed it to work.

Stupid bikers.

And I really don't think this bike counts, Johnny.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Daddy Bestest

I was reading an article about the best and worst movie parents when I realized I have blogged about my mom on mother's day and her birthday, but have failed to mention the other half of my genetic make up, my daddy.

My dad is the best dad and I tell him so all the time. He used to take my car to get the oil changed before I woke up on weekend mornings, he gave me my first allowance, 2 dollars a week. He has loved me since the moment I plopped into his arms almost 26 years ago. He is the bestest.

Hallmark Sucks!

I was in the store today looking for a sympathy card for some friends of my family. Their daughter died and I wanted to let them know I was thinking about them.

But you know what, no card I looked at was right. I didn't want to mention god, death or loss. These are pretty hard parameters when you are dealing in sympathy cards. I just wanted to express something simple, something nice, nothing too depressing. But how do you say "sorry, your twenty-something daughter died?"

You can't really. I just feel bad for her little boy. How do you tell someone so small whose entire world is their mommy that you won't ever see her again? It's just not possible.

I found one that I think will work, but Hallmark needs to get on this. They need to make empathetic sympathy cards. Something that expresses feeling and meaning. Not just mindless words.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Camping is very fun, no matter what my mother says.

I got all may gear in a pile by the door in preparation for loading it into my car the night before. I took the bike out (I haven't gone riding in 2 weeks, it can come out of the vehicle). Car was then loaded with all my gear (yes, I have gear, it is cool gear and I love it). I picked up some firewood and stamps on my way over to UNO's house (the exact same thing he bought that morning) [BTW, his new blog nickname is Mr. Amazing, I thought of it, I get the prize (which is a night with Mr. A) so whoohoo for me, yes, I was totally willing to pimp out my BF for my readers]. The stamps were for my Aunt Helen's birthday card.

I get to Mr. A's house early, about 10:30am, I was supposed to get there at 11, but the one store I went to had everything I needed instead of the anticipated multiple store trip. Anyway, we load up his car from my car, go and get another cooler and sort through the massive amount of food we are bringing. He had stuff, I had stuff, his stuff was better, we brought his stuff.

I called Daria to see when we should be there (noon) and we headed over after a quick trip to the gas station (which is where Mr A thinks his card number was stolen).

Mr A and Brian and Daria met for the first time (Daria is Mr A's best friend's ex, so he's only heard of her until now).

We get up there and set up camp and then relax for a bit. Then it's walk time. I want Mr. A to see the tepee someone built by the creek so we go for walk through the woods. It's a lot greener than last year and there are more trees and flowers, it's simply gorgeous.

And we're walking, walking, walking. Naked man to the right, fallen tree in the middle. A good walk, I fell in the river, as is tradition. But I was dry by the time we got back to camp.

Quick trip to town for mustard for our brats. The town is scary, populated by junked out cars and three legged dogs.

Dinner: Mr. A cooks for me. Two brats fall off the grill, he gives me the only one from that batch that survived and then cooks for himself. He's very unselfish. Great dinner, much beer is had, pine cones were collected for kindling and Daria apparently finds a femur (most likely from a deer, but it freaked her out). We learned that DEET is wonderful, OFF kinda sucks and really old mosquito coils only sorta work when you fling them into the fire, Frisbee style. S'Mores, more beer, games and then at around 10, Mr. A and I adjourn to our tent which is situated a great distance from our friends, on a shady grassy spot.

Last year, it was very cold, I had no buddy or dog to stave off the cold. This year I had Mr. A and THE GREATEST SLEEPING BAG EVER! I was instantly warmed up when Mr. A zipped me into it (it's a mummy bag, only big enough for one person and one must be zipped into by a sexy blond man, per the bag's instructions), it's cushiony and I want to have its children.

Had the best outdoor nights sleep of my life and woke up chipper in the morning (not sleep deprived, altitude sick, or hung over, I cut myself off at 2 beers and drank a lot of Propel). I changed and brushed my teeth and had breakfast with Mr A and relaxed a bit in the sunshine. Then we took down camp (and found the tent cover which we thought was lost, we had to resort to a tarp for extra shelter). I think I saw Brian naked and then we drove home and showered and dealt with banks and credit cards and went for sushi and played games and went to bed.

There are several lost hours in there, but those are for me and him , not for you.

Oh, and only 2 mosquito bites!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Robbers are Bad

Camping was great. Great night sleep, wasn't cold (Unnamed One kept me warm as I did for him). Great food (UNO cooked for me). Great morning, it was warm and I wasn't sick (like last time). UNO did most of the de-camping, I got to sit around and watch. All in all a great trip, until we got home. We came back to UNO's to spend the day and on his machine is a call from the bank. Someone is using his credit card. MY SWEETIE GOT ROBBED! But the bank is taking care of it, as banks should. Good bank, good.

There were no bears.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Cracked out on Happiness

In just a few hours, my little sister will be married. I am so excited for her. I talked to her this morning and she is so happy.

I am there in spirit, fussing and helping her with her make-up. Her face doesn't accept blush.

Oh, the first one in the family to get married.

Mr. Sneaky

FYI - The way the Unnamed One found my blog was that he was tooling around on my computer (he does that, because he's helping me download games) and saw it in my favorites. Very sneaky, this new man of mine. Smart sneaky though.

I would have given him the address or he would have found it on his own, if you Google my on-screen name, it's the first hit.

So it's not a huge deal. He made it up to me last night anyhow.

Sushi, It's Not Just Raw Fish

Unnamed One and I had sushi at this great place here in the Middle. It was so good, you have no idea. We ate soft shell crab roll, spicy tuna roll, spider roll (not actual spider, I know you are wondering) and egg rolls. SO GOOD! I drank this really light Japanese beer and a couple next to us thought we had been together longer than our actual 2 weeks (seems much longer). Then we took some pictures of ourselves, because neither of us have any. The rest is for my memories.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's So True

Instead of exercising last night (I am getting lazy), I watched AFI's "100 Greatest Movies." And while I do not agree with most of their choices, Number One, as always and ever shall be (they produced a similar list 10 years ago, which really dates me, but it's good to see where you were and where you are going) was Citizen Kane. I love that movie, it is brilliant. I wrote a paper on it in my first film class (with scary Alena, the Film Guru, who I hear now teaches in Canada. She had an outfit that was the same color as her hair, steel gray). It was a scene deconstruction from one of the film's first scenes when Mrs. Kane is giving up Charles for god knows what reason.

I also have a huge crush on Orson Welles. A young Orson, not the old, fat one. It's the voice...

Da Rules

OK, I think I need to set some ground rules for this here contest.

1. No name can include the word "daddy." I call my own father that and it would be weird if I called my boyfriend that too. If anything, it's gross.

2. Nothing cutsie. I abhor cutsie. No "puddin' " (I call my cat that), no cupcake sugar lips, etc...

3. One word only.

Thank you all for participating in this contest. It's silly and fun and I hope you are having a good time helping me out.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

There Will be Bears (and Snoopies)

I am going camping this weekend with the Unnamed One, Daria and her boyfriend Brian. I am so excited. I am getting my list of gear together now. But the best part is that I will have someone in the tent (we get our own) who will keep me warm. Not like last time when I forgot my coat and didn't have a dog or a person to keep the cold away. Unnamed is very warm, sometimes too warm. Boys are like that, they give off a lot of heat, probably an evolutionary thing.

Also, I bought a zero degree mummy bag.

It will be this...

Not this.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I've Been Found Out

The aforementioned Mr. Lovely found my blog, something I really didn't want him to do. But since he has, I might as well roll with it. I've never censored myself here, why should i start now?

That brings me to this: He needs a new blog nickname. I am holding a contest to help choose the name. The winner gets a PRIZE!

Think long, think hard, think creatively.

The contest ends Monday. Get those submissions in now.

My Sister's Big Lesbian Wedding

On Friday, in the state of California, I will have a new sister-in-law. I have never met her, but she seems nice. Her sole experience with our family is the LLS (who loves her) and Youngest, who is just surly and not very nice since a heatwave hit the Middle and she's big as a house.

Never be 6 and a half months pregnant at the beginning of summer. Just a word of advice.

Anyway, to my new sister: Welcome to our funny, tragic, completely insane family. I think you'll enjoy the ride.

Stealth Skirt

I am currently wearing a skirt that would do no good on some sort of covert ops mission. It's very long and it's very swishy. But I look darn good in it. Especially since the Healthy Life Plan is working out. I have more energy, I am sleeping better, my skin has improved, no negative PMS symptoms. Life is good.

Of course there are other reasons why life is so peachy. Mr. Lovely is a dream. I know that when I go on and on about guys here, my reader gets upset and bored so I am just going to say that we spent the weekend together
and it was wonderful. He calls me "Sweetheart" and I love it.

Also, I got a raise yesterday.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Oh, Smit!

Mr. Lovely made me dinner last night. Not just one thing but chicken, rice, pasta salad, potatoes and he made dessert from scratch. He made an effort for ME! Do you know how long it's been since someone did that? OK, it was a couple of weeks ago, but there is a difference here: He doesn't cook for himself, EVER, Banker Boy did. So Mr. Lovely was cooking for ME. He made things I would like and could eat. BB didn't (BB made steak, I don't eat red meat, I had 2 bites).

He made a song list (to listen to during dinner) of music he thought I would like and I do.

He thinks about me.

And he lets me know what's going on, he's not closed off. I pretty much know how he feels about me at every moment. Which is very nice, because, well, I like being told I am wonderful, CAUSE I AM!

We sat on the balcony and ate and talked. We went for a walk. We made out like teenagers.

Zoo and pool tomorrow.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Get Me This Women's Lawyer

If I ever do anything illegal (and get caught;), I want her lawyer defending me. Seriously, 60 days for murder 1. Damn!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

2 Shots of Happy, No Shots of Sad (It's a Play on the Words to a Song, Look it up)

I would like to thank Todd, the barista at Starbucks this morning for making my day happy. He made and delivered my latte. I was up until 2am with Mr. Lovely (name to be changed). We didn't do anything other than kiss (and without the ice-water call from mom, thank you), but I was wired after our date so I skipped around the internet for a while, calling my mother names, which really is fun.

This is the best vanilla latte I have ever had. You can actually taste the vanilla beans...

We made plans for 2 more dates too. Dinner at his house on Thursday (because he has soccer on Wednesday and I am apparently hosting Youngest's baby shower so tonight I am at mom and dad's making invites. Anyway, and the zoo on Saturday. I love the zoo. It's one of my spots. Everyone has their spots that they feel the most comfortable in, the zoo is one of my three.


Dinner was great except the fish was over cooked but the sauces were great. We played a game and we talked and listened to his music (yes, he's a musician/composer, piano, suck that!) and he looked at my photo albums. Apparently, I am the prettiest of all my sisters. Who knew.

He wants to take it slow too, so I didn't have to talk to him about it at all.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

To Clarify

Mr. Lovely is not 6'6" as previously thought, he is 6'1" so I fit perfectly against him when we are standing outside talking about religion.

I love dating tall men (not very difficult as I am 5'2" and have been since 7th grade and American males are almost 6 feet on average). Just being around me they think of themselves as "the big strong man" and that gives them confidence and I like confidence. Also, they can pick you up and set you places and the drunken fireman's carry is a snap.

I am cooking him dinner tonight (fish in dill sauce with potatoes and salad. I bought the wine on my lunch break.

No, Mom, I am not going to get drunk and act slutty
. Why, because we like each other and both want to take it slow.

He has a great smile.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I am One with the Fishies

Swimming tonight, too hot to walk around the park. Hope there aren't too many kids around, taking up room.

Third Date Update

We went to dinner and Jazz in the Park tonight. We sat on a blanket and talked about what we want out of life. We sat on his balcony which looks out over the entire city and just talked and drank wine. Then he kissed me. We have plans for Tuesday night. I am cooking dinner. He is bringing salad and dessert.

I am in so much trouble over this boy

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Status Report

The dates have gone very well. We are going out for a third time in 4 days tomorrow.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Job Security

I do not believe in job security. Because it's just when you get cocky enough to believe they can't live without you or replace you, the realize they can and do.

This came to mind yesterday when a woman came in to interview with the company. Since I hadn't been told about this (my supervisor always forgets to tell me these things), my imagination went wild thinking she was here to interview for my job. You see, I love my job but I have low job self-esteem. I always think I will be fired.

Turns out the woman was being interviewed because our Lead Accountant has decided to move on. Not replacing me. But that does not mean I will become complacent. I will strive to improve myself and my position within this company.

That is part of the healthy living goal. Improvements must be made in not just one, but in all aspects of my life, career included.

My Puppy

This is Crocker. He was a gift from my grandparents when I was born. I know this because there are pictures of me in my playpen, smiling a big toothless grin with Crocker in the background. I also just looked at his tag and he was made for Crocker Bank (hence the name) in 1979.

Mom is cleaning out the basement while Dad is away on business (I assume it's business, why else would he go away for 2 weeks?), which means all of my childhood crap is being sorted and tossed. I went through 3 bags of stuffed animals and saved my favorites (I also had a story about each one as I sorted). I saved Crocker from an uncertain fate at Good Will and he now sleeps with me. Which I know is pathetic, but what's even more pathetic is that Cocoa the Wonder Kitty is jealous and has taken to sleeping next to my head on an adjacent pillow, just so her spot as top pet is not usurped by this nearly thirty year old stuffed animal.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It Is So True!

I have to say this is a pretty accurate description of yours truly.

I Scan, Therefore I Am

The scanning project is in full swing and I am reasonably on schedule. But I am on my feet all day in the back room with the dust and my feet hurt.

Also, scanning sucks and I hate the stupid copier because it has a limit as to the number of pages it will scan and send at one time. It is evil.

It's slower than a mimeo back here.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tall, Blonde and Insanely Tall

I have a date on Thursday with a friend of Daria's ex Jamie, who is sweet and great so I trust his taste in friends and dates for me.

I found Jamie on Match and being the friendly gal that I am, I sent him a "hey, how are you" email. He writes back saying he has a friend who saw my profile and wants to take me out. Super!

I do not consider this a Match date because it was friend facilitated. Match was just there to provide pertinent details and preemptive photographs (which is so convenient when setting people up, he's insanely taller than I am, well over a foot), nothing more.

So we are having drinks on Thurs at my favorite bar since they closed my favorite bar to turn it into a loft for Real World Denver.

Paris Je T'Aime

I saw Paris Je T'Aime with Vieve last night. It was so wonderful I smiled through the entire film. It's all very short vignettes involving different kinds of love stories in the city of Paris and it was amazing. So sweet, so lovely, so different.

Poor Elijah Wood, he only has one expression in all his films...scared-pain.

Some parts were so sad but sweet really. Bittersweet is such a good word.

You all have to see it.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

My Ass, My Ass, My Ass is on Fire

Eight miles...that's how far I rode my bike with JoAnna this morning. Then I bought a lot of fish and tried to negotiate my lease and take a nap, both of much didn't happen. My legs are exhausted.

I did not look this good on my bike,
I was more sunburned and panting

Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Youngest! And Other Things

It is once again time for Youngest's birthday. Twenty-two years ago today she entered our world. I just got her thank you note from her graduation yesterday. Good to know mom is on her to get those done.

The LLS's wedding preparations are in full swing. Paper work is being filled out, witnesses are being solicited, recipes are being gathered. She wants me to man the door at the party. Me, her big sister relegated to a B-friend task. It's worse than guest book duty. That is why signs and arrows were invented (which is what the mom and I suggested). Anyway, there are many issues and questions that must be dealt with before the big day: we still have to coordinate travel plans, does mom want to fly out and in with V and me, is dad coming, and if not will the LLS cry? Will I be relegated to door duty? What am I going to get these to les-be-nons as a gift (the registry is so convenient, it's probably going to be candles...or porn, I haven't decided ;)

Healthy Living Day 3 is coming along nicely. I have worked out an exercise schedule and a planning healthy meals. I have a food diary (which is so Mom, but it helps) to keep track of my calories and fats. Fun Fact:Coffee has zero calories until you add cream.

I am experiencing anxiety about next week. We hired a temp to work the phones while I do this scanning thing in the back.... I was a temp for one day and I replaced the permanent person. This chick's going to be here for 2 weeks. I worry. And when I worry, I can't sleep, and I am not sleeping well anyway because I think the Banker is losing interest. Which I shouldn't lose sleep over, but I am thinking about it a lot.

I did have a dream that I was recruited by the Sydney Daily Telegraph (newspaper in Sydney, Australia). Wouldn't that be cool?